When kids rotate through the Drama and Puppet Workshop(s) in the Rotation Model, scripture and life application are both memorable and fun.

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In addition to the thousands of public ideas and lessons available to all here at rotation.org, Supporting Members can access extra awesome lesson sets from our Writing Team.

New from the Writing Team:

Jesus is Born!

Jesus is Born! has 7 all new lessons with fresh activities, including: a "Journey Cake" Cooking Workshop, a Song Contest Workshop, and a special Art Workshop that can also be used as an all-church Advent activity. Everyone is welcome to read the lesson overview and background. Supporting Members have access to the lesson plans.

Recently Posted by the Writing Team:

The Beatitudes

The Writing Team's Beatitudes lesson set has 7 new workshops, including, a Hero Sandwich Workshop and a "Beat-itudes" Rhythm Workshop.

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Next up for revision, the Team's set on The Temptation of Jesus.

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About the Rotation Model and Lessons at Our Site

Our content is primarily organized to facilitate those teaching with the Workshop Rotation Model, but our content is easily adaptable by traditional Sunday Schools.

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Our site's members and visitors come from many different types and sizes of Sunday Schools and churches. We're thrilled to be a resource to many.
Rotation.org was originally created by those of us who use the Workshop Rotation Model (aka "The Wo.R.M."). This is why our lesson content is organized into "workshops."  Traditional programs find Rotation-inspired lessons easy to adapt. However,  "traditional" lessons are not-so-easy for Rotation-users to adapt (see reasons below). 
A few key differences between Rotation-style and non-Rotation lessons:
♥ We teach the same story for several weeks using a different method each week.♥  This promotes retention, and allows us to be more creative and go deeper.
♥ Multiple Intelligence Informed Teaching ♥  Rotation workshops include: video, art, cooking, music, drama, puppets, software, games, music, and more. Rotation.org is a "popsicle craft-free zone."☺

♥ Teachers stay in their workshop during the rotation, adapting the same lesson for a new class each week.♥  This reduces new lesson prep time, and let's them improve their lesson each week.

♥ Rotation focuses on the Major Stories of the Bible (not the minors) ♥   No "one and done" here! Because we teach 9 to 12 major Bible stories a year -each in four to five week "rotations," regular attenders get depth, and irregular attenders are exposed to major scriptures. 

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Here's a typical four week rotation schedule for 3 different grade groups.

Prodigal Son
Teacher: Jane
Teacher: Amy
Teacher: Bill
Teacher: Jo
Week 1 Grades K-1 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6 Open
Week 2 Open Grades K-1 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6
Week 3 Grades 5-6 Open Grades K-1 Grades 2-4
Week 4 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6 Open Grades K-1

Rotation schedules are super-flexible. Add a week and a workshop to have a five week rotation. Add another grade by filling in the "Open" slots. Add a fifth row to bring in an additional workshop. See more schedule examples.

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