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Workshop Photos

Kids painting a hallway mural in the Rotation Model Sunday School at Palms Church, Jacksonville FL

Bible Lab at the Blacksburg UMC, Blacksburg VA

See more workshop photos

Three More Reasons

...why the Rotation Model is better than the traditional model

1. Many kids don't attend every single week, so why change the story each week? Rotation Model teaches the same MAJOR Bible story for several weeks in a row through different media so that regular attenders REALLY learn it, and less frequent attenders are exposed to the major stories of the Bible in attractive ways.

2. Teaching 52 different stories a year with traditional graded curriculum chews up your curriculum budget. In Rotation, teacher's prep one lesson for their workshop every 4 to 5 weeks, and make natural age adjustments for each age group you have. This saves your budget for something more attractive than teacher booklets.

3. In Rotation, teachers feel less pressure to "squeeze it all in" every week because they know their story is also getting covered by other weeks and teachers.

Learn more about the Model.

Teacher: Jane
Teacher: Amy
Teacher: Bill
Teacher: Jo
Week 1 Grades K-1 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6 Open
Week 2 Open Grades K-1 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6
Week 3 Grades 5-6 Open

Grades  K-1

Grades 2-4
Week 4 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6 Open Grades K-1

Pictured Above: A typical four week rotation schedule for 3 different grade groups.

Flexible scheduling: Add more grade groups by adding an additional workshop column, such as, Computer, Cooking, or Storytelling. Add a extra week to a story rotation by adding an additional row. See more schedule examples.


Learn about the Rotation Model

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