This Sunday School photo comes from member Barb Little. who was using the Writing Team's Peter Sinks, Jesus Saves! "Boat and Butter" lesson plan.

Barb's photo illustrates one of the many things we love about the Rotation Model: It appeals to older kids, including older boys that many churches struggle to keep interested. Most of the "free" Bible lesson plans on the web are for little children. And a lot of published curriculum for older students is boring and sedentary.'s new Writing Team lesson sets are written for a broad-age range, but especially to appeal to older kids -because it's a crucial time in their decision-making about church and faith.

In addition to all our free Sunday School lesson forums, Supporting Members can access a special collection of Sunday School lesson plans written by our Writing Team. They are extra awesome, creative, and detailed. See the Writing Team Lesson Menu.

New from the Writing Team:

Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers

Six all new Sunday School lesson plans full of creative methods, media, and life application.

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Psalm 8

Six different creative Sunday School lesson plans about one of the most inspiring and memorable Psalms.

Coming late July from the WT:
Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath

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The Lego and " Story Table " Workshops use the same principle to engage and teach: student construct, then retell the Bible story using props (figurines, Legos, etc). In the past, these workshop ideas have been called "Diorama" and "Construction" workshops. They are a particularly fun and "different" kind of workshop in the Rotation Model. Lego table dramas can be as simple or elaborate as time and student ability allow. There are many reasons why we like "Lego" workshops: Kids and adults...Read More...
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About the Rotation Model and Lessons at Our Site

Our content is primarily organized for those using the Workshop Rotation Model to organize their Sunday School (one story taught several weeks in a row, with a different approach each week). However, our content is easily adaptable by traditional Sunday Schools.

Learn more about the Model
The Rotation Model is based on two principles:
(1) Creative teaching methods and rooms ("workshops") help students learn and want to return.
(2) Speeding through a new Bible every week creates biblically illiterate kids and burned-out teachers who can't handle the rate of change and constant preparation.

Our solution: slow down.

Here's a typical four week rotation schedule for 3 different grade groups.

Prodigal Son
Teacher: Jane
Teacher: Amy
Teacher: Bill
Teacher: Jo
Week 1 Grades K-1 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6 Open
Week 2 Open Grades K-1 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6
Week 3 Grades 5-6 Open Grades K-1 Grades 2-4
Week 4 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6 Open Grades K-1

Rotation schedules are super-flexible. Add a week and a workshop to have a five week rotation. Add another grade by filling in the "Open" slots. Add a fifth row to bring in an additional workshop. See more schedule examples.

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