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Read: "Up from the Flood"
-a Rotation church's ten year recovery
from Hurricane Katrina

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Vive la différence!
Supporters and visitors here at come from many different types of Sunday Schools and churches. We're thrilled to be a resource to many! was primarily created by those of us who use the Workshop Rotation Model (aka "The WoRM") to organize our teaching and classrooms. Our lessons are easily adaptable to non-Rotation teaching. But "traditional" lessons are not so easy for Rotation-fans to adapt for a number of reasons (see below). Thus, we continue to create and organize our lesson forums and content around Rotation needs.
A few key differences between Rotation-style and non-Rotation lessons:
♥ Creative ♥  Because the teacher repeats their lesson each week to a new group, Rotation-style lessons can have higher levels of creativity and prep. This is do-able because the teacher repeats their lesson each week to a different class (with adjustments). 
♥ Regular Use Media & Other Exciting Resources ♥  
Because Rotation Sunday Schools take four to five week to work through a single story, we can incorporate many great resources, such as videos, cooking projects, software, music, dramas, puppets, and experiments, into our schedule, rather than having to pick just one technique or resource for the single week that traditional curriculum schedules that story.
♥ Major Stories, Not Minors ♥   Because Rotation explores stories for four to five weeks at a time, we only do 8 to 12 stories a year. That means we have time to spend on major stories, and don't waste limited Sunday School dates on the man with the withered hand and minor kings.  "Less is More" is a favorite Rotation saying.
♥ Less Teaching Pressure ♥   Teaching the same story for several weeks in a row takes the pressure off of our lesson plans to squeeze every ounce of meaning out of a 45 minute lesson. We know other weeks and teachers will be coming the same material in slightly different ways. 

Here's a typical four week rotation schedule for 3 different grade groups.

Teacher: Jane
Teacher: Amy
Teacher: Bill
Teacher: Jo
Week 1 Grades K-1 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6 Open
Week 2 Open Grades K-1 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6
Week 3 Grades 5-6 Open

Grades K-1

Grades 2-4
Week 4 Grades 2-4 Grades 5-6 Open Grades K-1

Fill-in the opens with another grade group. Add a row for a fifth week on the story. Add a column to add an additional workshop. You are in control. See more schedule examples.


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