ART WORKSHOP Lessons and Ideas for teaching Paul's Conversion

Paul's Conversion – A Blinding Light

Art Workshop 

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Children will spray paint a pillowcase with their name on the hem, and “I am God’s Creation” on the front.

Scripture Reference:

Acts 9:1-27, Acts 21-27, Acts 26:12-18

Little Kids’ Adventure Bible page 371-373. 

Memory Verse:
“Anyone who believes in Christ is a new creation. The old is gone! The new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17 (page 392 Little Kids’ Adventure Bible) 

God can change and transform lives.

Objectives and Life Application:

  • Children will describe educational background of Saul/Paul.
  • Children will describe Saul’s persecution of Christians.
  • Children will describe Saul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus.
  • Children will define Pharisee, Gentile, Temple, and synagogue.
  • Children will recognize Ananias’ role in Saul’s experience.
  • Children will recognize Paul as an apostle and writer of much of the New Testament.
  • Children will explore God’s use of unusual people to accomplish His purpose.
  • Children will memorize 2 Corinthians 5:17.


  • One standard size pillowcase for every child
  • Tulip Cool Color Spray in a variety of colors (it will give a tie dye look to the pillowcase)
  • Uppercase 2” bulletin board letters (not stencils) to spell out their names and the message. 
  • Cardboard inserts for all of the pillowcases, to keep the paint from bleeding through the fabric.
  • Plastic or newspaper to put around and underneath all pillowcases 


  1. Wash and dry all pillowcases without using any fabric softener.
  2. Punch out all letters and put all in Ziploc bags (one bag for every letter)

Lesson Plan


Welcome the children and introduce yourself. Make sure you are wearing your nametag and the children are wearing theirs. Begin each class with introductions. Explain that after we read the Bible lesson, we will be making tie-dyed pillowcases for them to take home.

Opening Prayer:

Dear Lord, Thank you for bringing us here today to learn more about your plan for us. Please help us to recognize that there are ways that we can change to better serve you and to help others experience your love. Amen.


Bible Study: 

Tell the children which scriptures they’ll be reading. Discuss with them where to find it in the Bible. (Old or New Testament, Gospel, etc.). Use the handout “Helping Children Learn to Use their Bibles” for guidance. Turn to the passage (Grades 1 & 2 may need help from the shepherd). Older children may want to read the passages while the younger ones may simply follow along in their Bibles while they listen to you read.


  • What is a Pharisee? (religious leader who believed everyone must follow the written and oral laws).
  • What did Saul and many other Pharisees think about Jesus’ followers? (they disagreed with them and they wanted to stop them).
  • What did Saul do to Jesus’ followers and the early Christians? (arrested them, jailed them, killed them).
  • Why was Saul traveling to Damascus? (to arrest the Christians there and bring them back to Jerusalem).
  • How was Saul changed? (met Jesus, was blinded, his heart was changed)
  • What did some Pharisees try to do to Saul?
  • How do you think some of the Christians felt about having Saul with them now? (worried, didn’t trust him, afraid)
  • How do you think Saul felt knowing he had persecuted Christians before?
  • Paul wrote 13 of the New Testament books of the Bible—they are letters to new churches. He became known as one of the greatest missionaries. What do you think about God using someone like Saul/Paul to accomplish his purpose?
  • Why did Saul have two names? (He had a Jewish name- Saul and a Roman name- Paul because he was a Roman citizen)
  • Who did God use to help Paul change? (Ananias, Jesus, other Christians)
  • Do you think God might use you to help someone else change? In what way?
  • Has God ever used someone else to help you change? In what way?
  • How can you tell whether the change is something God wants? (If the change makes you a better person, it is probably something God would want- if it is destructive or wrong it’s not)

Pharisee – Jewish leaders who were very careful to follow all of God’s laws and rules
Gentile – someone who is not Jewish
Temple – the center of worship and religious life in Jerusalem
Synagogue – Jewish places of worship and study in cities and towns
Jerusalem – center of Jewish religious life
Damascus – one of the oldest cities in Paul’ time, where he was going when he was blinded and heard Jesus speak.
Tarsus – capital city of Ciclicia. In modern day Turkey, where Saul was born
Persecution – causing other people to suffer because of what they believe

Memory Verse:
Review the memory verse with the children. If you have time at the end of class you may review again using the attached activity sheet.

“Anyone who believes in Christ is a new creation. The old is gone! The new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17 (page 392 Little Kids’ Adventure Bible)

Art Activity:

The children will spray paint a pillowcase with their name on the hem, and “I am God’s Creation” on the front.

Directions for the children:

  1. Have each child put his/her pillowcase on newspaper or plastic.
  2. Put a piece of cardboard inside each pillowcase.
  3. The children should spell their names with the letters on the hem of the pillowcase.
  4. They should spell “I am God’s Creation” on the front of the pillowcase (they can be creative in the design if they like).
  5. Have them take turns using a variety of the color sprays. Hold the spray bottle 8-10” from fabric for a light color or closer for a more vibrant effect.
  6. Children will need to leave them at church to dry and pick up the following week.
  7. Let dry for 24 hours.
  8. Clean spray nozzle with warm soapy water.
  9. Replace cap on bottle.
  10. Wash fabric after 72 hours with mild detergent. Line dry. 


The last 10 minutes of class are reserved for Faith Journals. This time is an opportunity for processing and reflection about what the children have learned. Ask the shepherds to pass out the journals and pencils/pens from the class box. Reflection questions for each workshop are printed on stickers. Pass out the stickers and have children stick them to the top of a sheet of paper in their journals. Workshop leaders and shepherds should sit down with children in small groups to facilitate discussion and writing in Faith Journals. Shepherds and workshop leaders should also write in Journals during this time. Memory verse stickers are also included for each lesson. Children may copy the memory verse and illustrate it as an alternative to journal questions.

Journal Questions:
Grades 1&2 The Holy Spirit came inside Saul and he changed. What can the Holy Spirit help you to change in your life?

Grades 3-6 After Saul met Ananias and was healed, the Holy Spirit filled his heart and helped him to change. What things can the Holy Spirit help you to change in your own life?

Closing Prayer: As we leave here today, help us to listen to the Holy Spirit and recognize anything in our life that we might need to change. May we always remember that we are God’s creation and he loves us very much. Amen.

A lesson written by Jaymie Derden from:
State Street UMC – G.R.E.A.T. Adventure
Bristol, VA

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Paul on the Road to Damascus

A Shrinky-Dink Lesson

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Using a box of random objects, kids will review the story of Saul’s conversion and then make a transforming Shrinky-Dink craft that will help them to remember that Jesus helps us to be a new creation.


  • Wrapped box (box with lid, lid and bottom wrapped separately for easy opening and reuse, wrapped around with a ribbon) with story-telling objects inside. Attach a gift tag with the name ‘Saul’ on it.
  • Stone (for Paul’s determination to persecute the church – stoning of Stephen)
  • Flashlight (bright light on the way to Damascus)
  • Blindfold (Saul was blind for three days)
  • Glove (Ananias – because God used him)
  • Small bottle of water (Saul’s baptism)
  • Paper Funnel-megaphone (Saul preaches Christ)
  • Shrinky-Dink paper with the memory verse printed on (one per child)
  • Permanent Markers in a variety of colours
  • Toaster oven 
  • Oven mitts
  • Cooling rack
  • Example Shrinky-Dink decorated memory verse

Lesson Plan


Introduce yourself and get to know the names of students.

Begin the class by drawing attention to the wrapped box and generating curiosity about what might be inside. Ask the students questions about their experiences with gifts. Have you ever received a gift? What is the best gift you have ever received? What do you like about receiving gifts?

Ask: Do you know who Saul is? What can you tell me about him? 

Depending on the week that you are teaching, students may be very familiar with the story of Saul or just learning it for the first time. Keep this in mind as you teach and adjust as necessary. 

Say: Saul received an amazing gift from God! Do you know what God gave him? (Allow for responses, but don’t reveal what the answer is.) Let’s open up this gift box and find out!

Open up the gift and let the kids look at what’s inside. It’s a seemingly random collection of things, and let the kids puzzle over what these things are all about for a minute before you continue with the lesson.

Say: Hmm, this is a strange collection of things! I wonder what this is in here for…(hold up the stone). Hey, this stone reminds me of something from Saul’s life!

Use the objects in the gift box one at a time to tell the story of Saul’s conversion. Use your own words along with passages in the Bible, dramatic gestures and variety of voices to engage the kids in the story. You may need to explain the connection between the story and the objects for some that are less obvious. Some notes are provided below. If you are teaching further along in the rotation you may ask the students to fill in the story details or explain what they think the objects are for.



Tell the story of Saul’s life before he met Jesus

  • Saul was a very devoted Jew who was upset with the message that Jesus preached. He didn’t believe that God had sent Jesus to rescue all people, and he was really mad at all of the followers of Jesus who kept telling people that Jesus is Lord. 
  • Refer to the stoning of Stephen and Saul’s approval of his murder (Acts 7- 8:1). 
  • His determination to stop Christians from telling people about Jesus and his anger toward them (Acts 8:3). 
  • Went to the high priest to get permission to travel to the far away city of Damascus and throw any Christians he found into prison (Acts 9:1-2). 


Tell about Jesus appearing to Saul in a bright light. (Acts 9:4-9)

  • A light from heaven flashed around Saul
  • Jesus asked Saul why he was persecuting Him, and sent him to Damascus to await further instructions
  • Saul was blind, and was led to Damascus, where he refused to eat or drink anything for three days. 


Tell about how God used Ananias to help Saul (Acts 9:10-18a)

  • Ananias was a follower of Jesus
  • Jesus appeared to Ananias in a vision, and told him to go to the house Saul was staying at. Jesus had already given Saul a vision of Ananias coming to him to restore his sight.
  • Ananias reminded Jesus of how dangerous Saul was and his intent to hurt Jesus’ followers, but Jesus told Ananias to go anyway, because He had chosen Saul to tell many people about Him.
  • He went, placed his hands on Saul, and told Saul that Jesus had sent him so that Saul would be able to see again and would be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Scales fell from Saul’s eyes and he could see again  

Bottle of water: 

Tell of Saul’s baptism (Acts 9:18b-19a)

  • Not only did the scales fall from Saul’s eyes, but Saul now believed in Jesus.
  • Saul showed his new faith in Jesus by being baptized right away. 

Funnel (megaphone): 

Tell of Saul preaching Jesus (Acts 9:19b-22…the rest of Acts and the Pauline Epistles)

  • Saul began to preach that Jesus was the Son of God in the synagogue (the place where Jews met to worship) at Damascus.
  • People were astonished that the man who had come to Damascus to persecute Christians was now preaching the message of Christ. 
  • Saul devoted the rest of his life to telling people that Jesus is the Savior and King. He traveled all over to bring the good news to people who had never heard it, planting churches and teaching people how to follow Jesus. (When he started preaching to non-Jews, he went by his Greek name, Paul) Even though he himself was often persecuted and had many troubles on his journeys, he never gave up on sharing Jesus with others. He wrote many letters that became books in our Bible. 

Discuss what Saul’s story shows us about the gift that God gave to Saul – that Saul was transformed, made into a new person. Jesus had forgiven Saul, and Jesus had changed Saul inside so that he lived in a way that was the complete opposite of how he had lived before! Contrast his heart before he met Jesus and his heart after he believed. (Depending on the group of kids, you may have to teach this, or you may be able to draw this out of them by asking questions.) 

Say: What an amazing gift God gave Saul! Jesus forgave Saul, and with a changed heart Saul started a new life that was totally different than his old life! Saul was transformed! Did you know that God offers this same gift to everyone?  

Our memory verse teaches us that God makes us into new creations through Jesus! Say the memory verse together as a class. 


To help each of us remember that God offers to make you into a new creation, we are going to decorate our memory verse on these pieces of paper. Use whatever colours you would like; you can even add designs or pictures. Personalize it to reflect you. (Don’t tell them that they are working with Shrinky-Dink paper - let that be a surprise!) 

Hand out the Shrinky-Dinks. You will want to turn on the toaster oven to let it warm up. When most of the kids have finished decorating their papers, get their attention for a demonstration. 

Say: God offers to change every single one of us into a new creation. When we accept God’s love, He can do wonderful new things in us. What are some of the things that God can make new in us? Let children share some ideas. Some examples may be: 

Sinful - Forgiven Hateful - Loving 

Hopeless - Hopeful Fearful - Fearless 

Death - Life Lost - Direction 

Lonely - Friend Sad - Joyful 

What does our memory verse say? “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come!” Let’s see what happens when we put this paper in the toaster oven. 

Watch together as the Shrinky-Dink is transformed by the heat! Once the transformation is complete, remove it carefully from the toaster oven to the cooling rack.  

Say: Look how much that changed! The paper I coloured was totally transformed into a new creation – something like how Jesus transformed Saul, and like He can transform us! 

When you are finished with personalizing your memory verse papers, you can give them to me (make sure that your name is on it!). Over the next few weeks I will put these in my oven at home, and when they are finished I will deliver them to your family mailbox. When you pick up your transformed project you can remember that God offers you the gift of being transformed and becoming a new creation!

NOTE: After cooking each Shrinky-Dink, tie a string or piece of yarn through the hole so that they can be used as a backpack charm or wall ornament. 


  • Story sequencing: Have the kids each randomly draw an object from Saul’s gift box. See how fast they can line up in order of the story. Could use a timer and try to beat your time.
  • Ask children if there are areas in their life that they would like Jesus to transform and pray for those specifically
  • Hand out the objects and have the kids each tell the part of the story that relates to that object. 

A lesson from member ZBCC

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A Glowing Witness

Black Light Art Gallery

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Using black lights and glowing paints, students will explore how Saul’s conversion changed him into a glowing witness for Christ. Students will then have the opportunity to create a glowing poster that delivers their own message about Jesus to others.


  • Bible
  • 3 Black Light florescent light fixtures (or how ever many your room requires to get the best effect)
  • A variety of neon paints - we use neon tempra paints - any washable paint will work fine, might be worth pre-testing it to make sure it glows under the black light.
  • Paper plates to use as paint pallets
  • Thin Paint Brushes
  • Large sheets of black construction paper
  • Jug of water
  • Styrofoam Cups for water to clean brushes
  • Smocks
  • Rags/Water bucket for clean-up
  • Black light story kit for Saul’s Conversion 
  • Painters Tape to hang up artwork and blackout plastic
  • Black-out plastic to block light from windows.


  • Attach blackout plastic to each window with painters tape to let in the least amount of light.
  • Hang up 3 black light fixtures around the room to get the best glowing effect.
  • Fill a bucket with soapy water for cleaning up any spills.
  • Have paint supplies set out on tables and ready for children as they arrive.

Lesson Plan


Have children enter the room and take a seat on the floor with the regular lights turned on and the black lights turned off.  

Introduce yourself and learn the names of your students.  

Explain to children that Jesus is often described as a bright light. Jesus’ light can change everything it touches. In the Bible, Saul is touched by Jesus’ light and his life becomes completely changed. 

Can anyone think of a way that our lives change when Jesus’ light shines on us? 

Let’s take a look at the room around us and at each other. Everything looks pretty normal. If I change the light in this room, everything can change. Let’s try it!  

Turn off the classroom light and turn on the black lights. Let the children discuss the differences they see now that the light has changed.


Saul and the Bright Light:

Using the black light story kit provided, read the story of Saul’s conversion from Acts 9:1-22. If your workshop takes place towards the end of the rotation, see if the students can help you tell the story. Older students should be capable of filling in quite a lot of detail by this point and may even be able to provide some background information (what is a Pharisee?). 

After hearing the story ask kids to explain that after Saul was touched by Jesus’ light everything in his life was changed. He now believed that Jesus was the son of God and he wanted to follow him. In fact - Saul became a glowing witness for Jesus - helping many people learn about Jesus. Did you know that Saul - who’s name was changed to Paul - actually wrote more of the books in the New Testament than anyone else! Over 10 books were written by Paul!!

Saul wanted everyone to know that Jesus is the true King. 

Glow Art;

Explain to kids that they are going to help make a glowing art gallery to tell people about Jesus!

Have children paint posters that tell something about Jesus. 

Some ideas that you can use to help kids get started may include:  


  • Give children a choice to paint an object or a scene: Cross, Crown, Heart, Heaven, Saul seeing the bright light, Jesus giving someone a hug 

Grade 1-3:

  • Encourage children to paint a scene of their choice that tells people about Jesus (Saul’s story or another story about Jesus)
  • Have children choose a symbol for Jesus (Cross, Fish, Heart, Crown) and have them fill it with elaborate patterns 

Grade 4-6:

  • Ask children if they have their own idea or if they would like help coming up with an idea
  • Children could fill a symbol for Jesus with words that tell people about Jesus. Words could be painted in a variety of colours, styles and directions
  • Children could choose a single word that reminds them of Jesus and use bubble word art to fill the page. Paint the word in small letters in the middle of your page and then in a variety of colours outline the word repeatedly until it fills your paper


Take time to admire each students artwork.  

Wait until paintings are dry until they are hung on the wall - that may mean waiting until next week! 

Pray together as a class asking Jesus to help us become Glowing Witnesses for Him. 

Encourage children to invite their parents or others from the church to come and see their gallery. 


Links go bad so - Black light story kit for Saul's Conversion - is found at (in lower left hand corner of home page in small text it says: 

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