Details on 20 Supporting Memberships for $20 !


In celebration of's 20th Birthday, we're offering 20 one-year Supporting Memberships at $20 each, instead of the regular $30.

That's a 33% discount to the next 20 people who sign up to become Supporting Members!

Use the discount code "WORMY20" when you sign up.

If you are reading this message, that means this Birthday offer is still good!

Choose one of these links to become a Supporting Member:

♦ If you ALREADY have a free Registered (free) Membership, upgrade to a Supporting Membership using this link.  Don't forget to use the discount code!

♦ If you've NEVER registered before, sign up using this link and use the discount code.

We use "FeePod" to make our membership transactions. does not receive any of your financial information. 

 This discount applies to your first year only. Subsequent years (should you select "auto-renew") will be charged at the regular rate. 

 Supporting Members get access to all of the Writing Team Lesson Sets as well as all our public content plus several other features, including access to the Search and Bookmarking features. Supporting Memberships are how we fund's work. Thanks for taking part!

Please note:

  • Look for the discount code field on the cc transaction screen and type WORMY20.  If you accidentally forget to use it, we cannot add it in afterwards. 
  • Your creditcard will be charged by Social Strata's "FEEPOD" --our member transaction service. "Feepod" will appear on your statement.
  • After registering, if you wish to turn off the "auto-renew" feature to your supporting membership, go to your Membership Status page.
  • Questions?  Post them below, or contact


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The email newsletter to all our free Registered Members isn't going out for a few days,
so now's your chance to score one of the 20 Supporting Memberships for just twenty bucks

If you're already a Supporting Member, feel free to INVITE a friend to become a Supporting Member. 

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