Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Resurrection Egg Hunt

We have done a resurrection egg hunt at our church. What we did was to color-code the contents of the eggs with a specific colored plastic egg. For example, all the blue eggs would contain the gauze pieces, and no other color but blue would have the gauze. Each child could keep hunting for eggs until they got one of each color, and then they could help their classmates find one of each color, too. After everyone had found their eggs, everyone sat down and opened the eggs as the teacher went through the meanings. Everyone would open the same color of egg at the same time, and we would discuss how the item inside relates to the Easter story.

As I am recalling this lesson, it seems like we put 2 different items into each egg color, since plastic eggs usually only come in 6 colors, and resurrection egg story has 12 parts. Of course, the last egg must be empty, to symbolize the that tomb was empty!

Let me know if you need to make some adapations to the actual resurrection egg contents. It seems like we did some fiddling with the contents without changing too much of the meaning of each egg.


Scavenger Egg Hunt


Our egg hunt was more of a scavenger hunt.

The "clue" given at each station was a Bible verse which gave a suggestion of where to go next. (For example we sent the kids to our Furnace Room with a verse from Daniel about the fiery furnace).

To enter each room they asked "Is Jesus here?" to which the person in the room said "He is not here, but has risen" and the children had to say "he is risen, indeed."

In each room they either heard a part of the Easter story and answered questions in order to "earn" their eggs. In some rooms they answered questions in order to be allowed to look for eggs, in others they were just handed out.

It worked out well. Those who think Easter should be taught were happy. Those who wanted an egg hunt were happy. The kids had fun. Those who had been coming reinforced what they had learned. Those who just showed up for the day felt included.


Lunch and Egg Hunt

we have done this for several years. We have a little lunch for the children as members of the CE committee hide the eggs - we do this after worship on Palm Sunday. We use lots of plastic eggs and have a set of "Resurrection Eggs" from Family Life (www.familylife.com) with the 12 special eggs. We mark them with numbers and tap them shut (no peeking) and then after the hunt we gather the children and one by one call the numbers and the children come up and open their special egg as the story is told. This year I found a book from Abingdon Press called 'The Symbols Speak' (from Cokesbury) There are no eggs or symbols provided but I used my graphics CD-ROM and made some to fit inside the special eggs.so the sotry will be slightly different. Dana

Treasure Hunt 

I planned a hunt one year, but ended up going with a (much easier) rain plan.

Ours was to be a treasure hunt of sorts, where the clues were tucked into the bible, and with each new egg you had the verse to turn to and read - and that's the page the clue was in. It was going to take a ton of adults though, and time to hide the eggs on easter morning, etc... so honestly I was a bit relieved when they predicted rain. LOL.

During our easter rotation weeks, I had the middle school group design a holy week walk through. They studied the story and planned the deco - then did the decorating the day before Easter.

  1. Path from outdoor worship area to the back door covered in palm leaves, and a child in costume saying how she saw Jesus pass by a week earlier. (this was changed last minute, to be a path from the main door of the fellowship hall to the back door, and we had guides w/ umbrellas!)
  2. The first room you walked in was decorated for the last supper. One plate still had the bread & drink left. crumbs everywhere (they enjoyed this! LOL!). And a girl telling folks how Jesus and his disciples had shared a meal there, and one stomped off angry.
  3. the hallway was decorated as a garden, with a child telling people how Jesus had come and prayed while his friends slept... and about the arrest & Judas' betrayal.
  4. at the bend of the hall, a child cried by a rooster ... crying that he'd betrayed Jesus, just as he'd been warned
  5. around the bend, you found three huge crosses propped up, with red cloth hanging from the ceiling and someone witnessing about the crucifixtion.
  6. from here you turned into another room, where at the door a child dressed as a guard said he'd been stationed there to guard against thieves, and he could attest that no one had been inside for 3 days.
  7. pass into the "tomb" (really, our nursery with lots of black sheets hanging everywhere) and find a jubilant angel proclaiming the good news by an empty "shroud"
  8. the second door of this room led into our fellowship hall, where hundreds of handmade butterflies were hanging from the ceilng, on the tables (set for sunrise breakfast), and on the windows. Two children told about how Jesus had risen, and the relation to butterflies.

So for SUnday school, the children did the tour again ... but this time each "storyteller" had an egg and an item to present to each child to remember the story. The students carried thier egg cartons from station to station to get the "whole" story.

Our eggs were a bit different, too:

  • (Lt. Blue) Matthew 26:14 Judas asked the priests, “What will you give me if I betray Jesus to you?” They paid him 30 pieces of silver. --- 3 plastic silver coins
  • (Purple) Matthew 26:17-29 Jesus celebrated the Passover meal with his disciples. He said this would me his last meal with them on earth. --- a communion cup
  • (Green) Matthew 26: 36-45 Jesus became upset and prayed in the garden at Gethsemane --- a silk flower
  • (Orange) Matthew 26:75 When the cock crowed, Peter realized he had denied Jesus three times, just as he’d been warned. He cried bitterly. --- a chicken feather
  • (Lt. Pink) Matthew 27: 26 Pontius Pilate flogged Jesus and released him to the crowd. -- a couple inches of leather thong
  • (Lt. Green) Matthew 27:28 The governor’s soldiers teased Jesus and placed a crown of thorns on his head. --- a thorn (from a tree in our yard)
  • (Blue) John 19:18 Jesus was crucified, with a criminal also crucified on each side of him. --- a cross - we used metal pocket crosses you buy in a christian store
  • (Med. Blue) Matthew 27:59 Joseph wrapped Jesus’ body in clean linens and placed him in a tomb. He rolled a large stone over the opening. --- a piece of gauze and a stone
  • (Lt. Purple) Matthew 27: 64 Pilate commanded the tomb sealed and guarded for three days, to make sure Jesus’ body was not stolen --- three calendar days, cut from an old calendar
  • (Yellow) Matthew 28:5 Mary and Mary Magdalene worried because the tomb was empty. An angel said “He has been raised!” --- empty egg
  • (Pink) John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that we can have eternal life! CELEBRATE! --- a butterfly
  • (Lt. Yellow) What symbol can you find to represent Easter? Use this last egg to find something special to you. --- empty, can be filled in class or as "homework" for the family

    Also, BTW, Big Lots sells 12 eggs for .33 -- you can get brights or pastels, so you end up with 12 unique colors Smile

Terri K.
Columbus, GA (prev. Oxford)

We have done two different hunts.
1. I painted large plastic eggs with gold paint. Each egg had a letter on it from the sentence "HE IS NOT HERE". The kids hunted around downstairs after church. When they found them they were to bring them to coffee hour and assemble the eggs in a carton to "unscramble" (pardon the pun) the message.

2. Last year we hid objects eg. a packet of seeds and gave the kids the clue, "Soon you will plant these in the church gardens". Once they returned with the item they got another clue. We used Easter symbols as much as possible but I have to admit that we could have done a better job of that when I read what others have written here. We just needed some activity for burning off some energy. Thiose chocolated egg hunts had not been going well in the past!

Resurrection Egg Hunt
Originally posted by NancyFidler:
I am planning a Resurrection Easter Egg Hunt. Has anyone ever done this and if so, how did it go? What problems did you run into?

Nancy F
Sunday Kids Club Director
Grace Lutheran Church
Streamwood, IL

It is finished.

Our Easter Egg hunt took place this past weekend. We had never done this before and were pretty nervous about taking this event on.

I started by bringing this idea to our congregation. Let me start by saying that I am the Director of the Sunday Kids Club for Grace Lutheran Church, 780 S. Bartlett Road, Streamwood, IL. I have been in this position since January of last year and it has been awesome.

When I approached the congregation with this idea they were so excited. I gave the job of filling the eggs to the members of the church and in one week we had 1,600 eggs returned filled and ready to be hidden.

On the day of the hunt, Saturday, April 3, 2004 – about 30 adults came to help us. Then the children started to arrive (106 in total) and were brought into the church. We started with songs, which were projected on the screen in the front of the church; followed by the rules being read. The children then proceeded to the church grounds to find their eggs. The hunt itself only took around 15 minutes – but when the children returned inside the church – the fun began.

We did the presentation the following way….

  • The children were asked to go through there eggs and find the ones with the numbers on them. (They were told NOT to open their eggs!)
  • We then opened the first egg…
  • Read the bible reading by using the Childs Adventure Bible
  • Talking about it with the children. Then proceeded to the next egg….

I will say that the one thing we did change was the leather (whipping) of Jesus due to the fact that we have so many very young children. I included a picture of a Rooster and talked about the 3 times Peter denied Jesus. I think one of the things that personally affected me was the movie – The Passion. I just couldn’t look at the beating the same way I used to. These children were to young in my eyes to see this part of the story.

But the event was awesome. We even had children attend our Sunday Kids Club the next day because of how much they enjoyed the Egg Hunt.

Praise God!

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