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Musical Instruments To Make


Lisa M. - posted January 20, 2004
This is a site for making rain sticks. Rain Sticks - DIY Network -- Kids I thought it would be neat because one of the first steps is poking the tube with toothpicks (you can make a crucifixion metaphor) and turning into a rain stick (rain, renewal, new-life, resurrection.) It would probably have to be done over two weeks, or with two groups of kids because it does take time to dry.

Cathy Skogen-Soldner - posted June 17, 2004
There are instructions for making rhythm sticks, huiros, rhythm eggs and streamer sticks at http://www.cathysmusic.com/instructions.html
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Instructions to make "boom pipes" (similar to Boomwhackers) out of PVC pipes:


Exchange Volunteer repaired broken link. If this link goes dead, search for "boom pipes" using Google.
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Kids might get a kick out of making these gloves that have buttons and sandpaper -- they call them Scratchin', Crashin' Glove Bumpers and use them to create rhythms:

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Make a Joyful Noisemaker, by Mark Burrows, 2006, Abingdon, ISBN 0687493463.

Make a Joyful Noisemaker is a delightful book showing step-by-step instructions on how to make creative and unique rhythm instruments for the classroom, children's choirs, and worship.
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