Stoning of Stephen Lesson Ideas

This topic is for posting your workshop lessons, ideas and resources for teaching about the Stoning of Stephen.


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Stephen Resources/Ideas

If you look in the section on Paul's Conversion you will find a lot of lessons touch on the Stoning of Stephen - you may want to have a look at those lessons for possible ideas.


24 Tandem Bible Hero Storyscripts by Steven James, Standard Publishing. Page 75

Have the children pick out scenarios from a hat to act out on being faithful or on forgiveness. Everyday things like sibling rivalry, school situations, home situations, etc.


Life of Christ - Lesson #37 Jesus Selects an Apostle (Acts 8:1-4, 9:1-31). The story of Pentecost, the selection of Stephen and his stoning, plus the conversion of Saul to Paul. Would you still follow Jesus if you could be arrested for being a Christian?


- Msss Bible Crafts has a section on Stephen - note not all the links work. msssbible


I'd look for craft and game ideas on the concept of "Faithfulness" and/or "Forgiveness". Most craft and game books have indexes at the back it should be easy to find games for these concepts. Or do a google search on using "Chidren's ministry ....... game".


Younger children - use a movie that focus' on forgiveness. Such as:
- Oops Sorry (Cherub Wings Series) Vision Video.
- God Wants Me To Forgive Them (Veggies Tales)

Older Children
- Acts (Visual Bible) - Events 23-26
- Story You Can Believe In (Visual Bible for Kids)
- I can't remember if the Nest Series (Paul's Conversion) covers Stephen's story?? Look on this site for those who have used it and the questions they've asked - which should indicate if it does or not.
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