"The Way We Were" ~A Visual History of our Website

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"The Way We Were"
  ...a visual history of our website

Rotation.org's lesson sharing model is "crowd sourcing for Sunday School." As the site has grown and expanded, crowd sourcing has also become the way we pay the bills. Supporting Members believe in the web's most innovative, open, ecumenical, and DEEP resource for Sunday School. Join us.

Here's a glimpse back at the journey we've been on...


The Main Logo is missing from this 1998 screenshot of our site, but as you can see, our beginnings were modest. The September 1997 site wasn't much different. Amazing to remember that most ministries and churches still weren't on the web back in 1998!


1999 - Homepage - the "kids" logo era begins

This was state of the art back then.  


1999 - Lesson Menu Screenshot

Back then, each lesson had it's own web page. Here's the Lesson Menu from July 2000. The "message board" software was about two years away from changing our world.


August 25, 2000 - We installed UBB forums, the first of our "message board" sharing platforms

Three years after our site went live, the installation of our message board software set Rotation.org on course to what we would become, a collaborative, sharing community. 
This same year, a major donation from a church allowed us to hire a part-time coordinator. 


A Homepage from 2002


2003 - Our "rainbow" motif begins in earnest


2005 - The Birth of "Wormy" our Mascot! 

This was also the year we incorporated and turned over the website to a Board of Directors.

Worm-y comes from the name Workshop Rotation Model.



2006 - Launching the new "Eve" community lesson exchange

Two dozen volunteers helped move the old lesson exchange into this new one.


2013 - Our Homepage receives a major software and appearance overhaul

This was the first year you could see who was on the site with you. It also marks the first appearance of the "Activity Stream."


December 2015

Our software platform undergoes another major overhaul with some seriously advanced code and features behind it.  Our site became "responsive" to whatever device and screen size you were viewing us on.

This is also the first fully state-of-the-art HTML5 code version of our site.  Unlike a lot of other lesson websites that use "blog" software and aren't open to the community, our advanced platform lets all our members contribute so that teachers have CHOICES.


Our site on its 20th Birthday


Rotation.org is committed to offering real choices when it comes to lesson ideas and lesson plans.

While others offer one lesson per story, or use their internet presence to simply draw you to their "buy now" button, Rotation.org is committed to the web's promise as a place of sharing and supporting each other across the Church and the world.

, open, ecumenical, and deep 

Join us



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