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Wise & Foolish Builder Resources


  • "Sharable Parables" by Stephen James, Standard, 2005, 9780784716328.
    Absolutely excellent book! Ages 3-12. Chapter 1, pages 9-20, covers the Wise & Foolish Builders. Great story background, and excellent/fun interactive ideas for retelling the story. Easy-to-use scripts and suggestions for adapting story for different age groups. Each story has ideas for two age groups 3-7 & 8-12.
  • "Simple Stories Jesus Told: 13 Lessons and Songs for Young Children", by Mary Rice Hopkins, Group, 2004, 9780764427961.
    For preschoolers. Includes CD with the songs! Each of these 13 one-hour lessons instills a simple, age-appropriate Bible point and includes: supplies list, scripture reference, welcoming activity, parable discovery, song, snack, game, and prayer.



  • "Rockin' Rain Sticks and Other Music Activities for Elementary" (Just Add Kids Series), Abingdon, 2002, ISBN: 0687030595.
    Includes a CD. Great bible story index in front of book and 2 to 3 activities per story – Pg. 62 – Song “Jesus is the Rock”.  OUT OF PRINT.
  • "Holy Moses Stomp and Other Music Activities For Preschoolers" (Just Add Kids Series), Abingdon, 2002, ISBN: 0687030692.
    Bible story index at front of book, 2-3 activities per story. Not musically inclined then these books are for you and if you are you'll still love them. Includes a CD. – Pg. 86 – Wise & Foolish Builders.  OUT OF PRINT
  • "Song - The Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock" song is available on several children's CDs and can also download MP3 file only for that specific song at christianbook.com for 99 cents - just type in song name and add CD to only bring on listing of CDs with that title. If you have "Wee Sing Bible Songs" CD that comes with the little songbook, the book includes actions.
  • Song: "Kid’s Worship CD" - Song#10 - “Jesus is The Rock” Double CD with Split Track, by Frank & Betsy Hernandez, 2000, 724385171321.
    Very upbeat and fun song.
    Note: you can find this song on other CD's as well, be sure to check your collection of children CD's for both songs listed above.
  • Song:  "SandyLand"



  • "The House That Went Ker-Splat! The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders", Bug Parables Series, by Bill Myers, Andy J. Smith, Zonderkidz, 2008, Hardcover, 9780310712206.
    What happens when two wasp buddies build their wasp houses, one without any blueprints. Ages 4-8.
  • "Stand Strong: The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders", By: Claudia Courtney, Concordia, 2000, 9780570070894, Ages 2-6.
  • "Stories from Jesus: The Two Builders", By: Juliet David, Illustrated By: Steve Smallman, Kregel, 2006, 9780825473159, Ages 4-8.
  • "The Parable of Two Builders: A Retelling of the Bible Story", By: Melody Carlson, Steve Bjorkman, Zondervan, 1998, Hardcover, 9780310701453, Ages4-6. (OUT OF PRINT)
  • "The Wise & Foolish Builder", Arch Books, by Burgdorf, Larry, 2007, Concordia, 9780758612632, Ages 5-9.



Entire Movie Is About Story

  • "The Little House That Stood" (VeggieTales), Big Idea, 2013, 820413128999. 

    Which building contractor (Larry, Mr. Lunt or Bob) will follow the plans from the Master Builder's Handbook?
If your going to tell the story by adapting the 3 Little Pigs here's some fun prop ideas (just do an internet search):
  • pig masks
  • rubber pig noses
  • hand or finger pig puppets
  • Younger children "Three Little Pigs" play set. 
  • "God Cares for You" (Paws & Tales) by Chuck Swindoll, Tyndale, 2011, 9781414341071.

    Includes two 30 minute stories:  "The Good Shepherd" & "A Good Foundation".


    A Good Foundation: The Club decides it's time to build a clubhouse. But no one agrees on what to do next. Without a good plan, there are hilarious mistakes and mishaps galore! Discover why having a good foundation is essential to building a Godly life.

    Downloadable worksheet can be found at http://www.pawsandtalesgames.com/resources.
  • "Built Upon a Rock", Nest Entertainment. They've redone their DVD's to include 3 quizzes you can do on the T.V. screen with the kids after the movie, if you have time. Questions & Answers must be read. We pass around the remote for the DVD player and that person selects the answer from the 4 choices that the group majority thinks is correct (the first person to suggest the correct answer, teacher takes a quick poll of who agrees). Our kids love doing this and those children who normally don't participate (too shy) always want to join in.


Short Segment ONLY included in below Movies

  • "Storykeepers Collection Vol. 2", Zondervan, 2002, 9780310705925.
    DVD includes episodes #4 Ready Aim Fire! & #6 Starlight Escape - story is found in episode #5 "Sink & Swim" - short animation of story. Each episode is 30 mins.
    Download free teaching guide outline Storykeepers Teaching Guide Outline.
    Summoned to the captain's quarters, the gang are locked in to wait. While locked in Ben tells the story of The House Built on Rock.
  • "Bedbug Bible Gang: Bible Builders", Vision Video, all this series are finally coming out on DVD, 23 minutes.
    Covers three separate stories: The Triplets Tower (Babel), House on a Rock, and the Man Through the Roof. Older animation with some puppets yet nicely done. Ages 3-7, 23 minutes.
  • "The Miracle Maker", Noah's Ark Distribution, 2000, ISBN: 8015408792-DVD
    During the movie Jesus tells the parable of the wise & foolish builders – short animation of story is shown.
  • "Matthew the Visual Bible" DVD – 0718006631 (2 DVD’s)
    On DVD go to Chapter 8 and backtrack a little bit or go to event 12 "Man with Leprosy" and back track a little bit. Shows Jesus on hillside talking to a crowd, taken directly from the NIV version Chapter 7 Vs. 24, note this just shows Jesus tellling the crowd the story (no animation) scene ends with the rain coming down on everyone.
  • Stories Jesus Told 10 Parables for Kids DVD, Pauline Video, 2002, 9780819872807.

    (Note:  on VHS they were called "Parables for Kids" Vol 1 & Vol 2).

     -A simple, but cute, older storybook style animation.

     -Each story approx. 4 minutes in length.

     - Contains 25 bonus minutes of "Teaching Tools", and offers a downloadable guide of discussion questions and activities.

    Stories: The Sower, The Good Samaritan, The Lost Sheep, The Prodigal Son, The Pharisee and the Tax Collector, The Talents, The Good Shepherd, The Lost Coin, The Man with Two Sons, The House Built on Rock.


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