Last Supper Diorama Workshop & Pictures

Hi Jaymie,

Loved your workshop and the photos, absolutely wonderful.  I give you a hands-up for finding all those props in a short time! 


I'm thinking you may want to leave one picture at the Diorama Workshop post with a link to your lesson.  But add any tips others might find helpful, like working with a large group of 15, that you learned in doing it.  What do you think? 


Then I'd post the other pictures with the actual lesson.  You can add a link at the bottom of the your lesson back to the Diorama Workshop for more information on creating your own Diorama Workshop now that I've posted my notes on creating one (at least it gives them an overview of what they'll need).


Loved, loved the text bubbles written by the kids - great idea! 


Did you get the loaf's of bread in a Playmobil Set?  And if so what one? 


I've never done it with that many kids (7 I think was my max so far) - so your notes on that will help others with a larger crowd.



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Yes, Luanne, that makes more sense. Gotta head to work -- after I take my son to the airport -- he had an overnight here in Bristol, but I will try to get those changes made today or for sure by tomorrow. 


And I'll try to figure out where I got the bread. I kept all the flyers that came with the sets.


Thanks for all your help in getting it going. We will definitely be doing this again!


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