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An intro to's 

"Real Teacher Training" 

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Point of View:

Traditionally, “teacher training” in many churches has been a euphemism for “planning and a pep-talk,” with very little in the way of actual teacher training. While planning and pep-talks are nice  — actual, real, and AMAZING teacher training is about improving teaching skills.  

To help with teaching training, we've created two resources:

Number1The first is a real teacher training event to get teachers talking and sharing. And its activities and discussion MODEL skills they can use in the classroom. 

Number2The second post describes how to train teachers throughout the year as they teach, using an approach we call"Lampstanding."  

Below are two graphics discussion starters we created for the Training Event post and for the Lampstanding post. You are welcome to share them with your teachers.   Read the blog posts about what they mean and how to use them.

A poster of teacher attitudes to be/have


Put some paste in your hair too!

Supporting Members will be responding to each of our training posts, adding their own training insights, suggestions and tweaks. That’s the way — tapping the power of community. 

Lesson plans that have built-in training tips

While we’re on the subject of training, we’d like to point out that BY DESIGN many Writing Team lesson plans have “training nuggets” built into them.

These lesson plan training nuggets describe the “how and why” of certain activities and techniques your teachers will find in their lesson plan. Traditional curriculum is almost totally devoid of such helps, but our Writing Team believes they are essential to helping teachers learn new ways of relating God's Word to their students.

Read Our two Training Resources:

Number1Real Teacher Training Event: Teacher "Be-Attitudes

Number2Lampstanding ~ Training teachers as they teach  

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Training Posts written by Neil MacQueen and Heidi Weber
with contributions from Luanne Payne, Amy Crane, Anne Camp, and Carol Hulbert


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I've often said that teacher training is THE most challenging thing about using the Rotation model. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE it, (we have been rotating for 18 years at our church), but when you teach a story for several weeks and when you invite new people to teach (who might have skills you want to highlight - weaving, carpentry, pottery, etc.), but who are not teachers... that can present a challenge. We want our teachers to feel successful and we want our kids to learn and to grow spiritually and to go deep.... Looking forward to this series of posts! 

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