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teacher training, techniques, lesson writing

In this forum: "The Lesson Help Lounge," printable Teacher Training handouts, training events resources. Zoom Coffee Chat (continuing ed) dates and topics. Plus, discussion about teaching techniques, classroom management, discipline, recruiting teachers, how to write creative lessons and do creative brainstorming, Spirituality and Prayer in the classroom, safe Sunday Schools,  and more! This forum is also home to our "Small Sunday School" resource forum.

  • If you are looking for specific lesson plans and ideas for a Bible story, go to the Lesson Menu.
  • If you are looking for specific teaching techniques/media (art, games, food, drama, etc.) or helpful Rotation Model how-to articles, go to our Workshop Design and Resources Forum and look up the medium of interest.

The Teachers Lounge is the place for Registered and Supporting Members to ask questions and get lesson help from the community.

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TEACHERS LOUNGE: Post lesson & resource questions here

Topics discussing ideas, challenges, tips, lessons, and resources for SMALL Sunday Schools.

Most Recent Post How the Rotation Model Works In and Can Help a Small Sunday School
Small Sunday School Resources, Topics, Discussion

Sunday School Teacher Training, recruiting, and training event resources, Articles for teachers, free Teacher Training handouts, and our free "Leap of Faith" video and guide to jumpstart teacher-leader discussion and planning.

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Teacher Training, Continuing Education, and Recruiting Resources

Upcoming and past "Coffee Chat" Zoom gatherings where we discuss timely and important topics in Sunday School and Christian education.

Most Recent Post 2022 Zoom Coffee Chat Links, Topics, Announcements, and Summaries's Zoom Coffee Chats  ~ Continuing Education and Conversation

Articles and resources about general teaching techniques, classroom management, and helpful articles for all types of Sunday Schools and lesson plans.  (For specific media and techniques, like art and video, go to our Workshop Design & Resource Forum.)

Most Recent Post Getting Their Attention, Promoting Discussion, Teaching Memorable Lessons
Teaching Techniques: Ways to Read & Discuss, Class Management, Discipline

A first of its kind resource. We're sharing "how-to" lesson writing resources developed for our's Writing Team. 

Where creative ideas often come from ♦ Lesson Brainstorming Guide ♦ How to Do Bible Word Studies that Stoke Your Creativity, ...and more! 

(Registration is required to view this special content.)

Most Recent Post Lesson Brainstorming & Writing Tips ~ a guide for teachers and writers
"Pulling Back the Curtain" ~ Insights into the creative lesson writing process

Find something exciting or new for your Sunday School? Post it here!  This topic is for RESOURCES you have found that aren't specific to one Bible story, and for ideas/resources that don't seem to fit anywhere else.  Only Registered and Supporting Members can post and read the posts here.

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Resource Discoveries and Creative Ideas I Want to Tell People About

This forum is for additional interesting Children's ministry and Sunday School topics, challenges, organizing, curriculum, and resources. Evaluating Sunday School, purpose of Sunday School, Summer Sunday School, etc.

Most Recent Post Should we do Summer Sunday School for kids?
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