Introducing, Recruiting, Training, Picking the Stories, and Questions Answered! 

 These topics also hold a lot of valuable information and ideas for traditional Sunday Schools.

What is the Workshop Rotation Model?  How do you start? How do you decide what to teach? What do I need to watch out for? How do I set up my workshops? Scheduling? Etc. Etc.  This forum has links to numerous articles about the model, starting, resourcing, managing, & improving the Rotation Model.  

This forum also includes some helpful articles for all types of Sunday Schools.

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Telling others about the WoRM concept, Educating, Getting Permission to Launch.

Last Post: Rotation Video Clips Posted by Rotation Churches

When to Start the Rotation Model? Age groups to include?  Staff?  Small church? Large church? Strategies for Getting Started.

Last Post: Junior Highs in Rotation?

Training, Promotion, Adaptations, Special/Seasonal Times of Year, Worship, Safety, Special Needs Children. etc.

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How to create a list of Bible stories to teach in your Sunday School (aka, "Scope and Sequence").  Various three, four and five year plans. Feel free to post your plan here.

Last Post: 5 Year Scope at Peace Church

This Forum contains info about various published curriculums as well as info about writing your own curriculum.

Last Post: Year 1 of Graceful Children Done

This forum is for general reading about "Managing the WoRM". If you have lesson-specific or workshop-specific questions, please post those in the HELP, I have a question forum.

Last Post: 5th Sunday options

Experience, insights, and suggestions from the Rotation community.

Last Post: One Room Rotation for Preschoolers

We're posting some Rotation and Wormy graphics in this forum we we use here at our website. You are welcome to are welcome to COPY them and use them in your lessons and promotional materials (non-commercial use of course).

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This "Other" Topic is a catch-all for various interesting subjects, ideas, questions and resources for Sunday School which are not necessarily "Workshop Rotation" subjects, but may be of interested to Rotation-nauts.

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