What is the Workshop Rotation Model?  How do you start? How do you decide what to teach? What do I need to watch out for? How do I set up my workshops? Scheduling? Etc. Etc.  This forum has links to numerous articles about the model, starting, resourcing, managing, & improving the Rotation Model.  

This forum also includes some helpful articles for all types of Sunday Schools.

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2 Flash Presentations:  

(1) INTRO to the Workshop Rotation Model (open to all)

(2) Rotation Teacher TRAINING presentation (open to Supporting Members)

Last Post: What is the Workshop Rotation Model? --an online presentation for all

Telling others about the WoRM concept, Educating, Getting Permission to Launch.

Last Post: Rotation Video Clips Posted by Rotation Churches

When to Start the Rotation Model? Age groups to include?  Staff?  Small church? Large church? Strategies for Getting Started.

Last Post: Article: What is the Workshop Rotation Model?

Training, Promotion, Adaptations, Special/Seasonal Times of Year, Worship, Safety, Special Needs Children. etc.

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How to create a list of Bible stories to teach in your Sunday School (aka, "Scope and Sequence").  Various three, four and five year plans. Feel free to post your plan here.

Last Post: 5 Year Scope at Peace Church

This Forum contains info about various published curriculums as well as info about writing your own curriculum.

Last Post: Year 1 of Graceful Children Done

This forum is for general reading about "Managing the WoRM". If you have lesson-specific or workshop-specific questions, please post those in the HELP, I have a question forum.

Last Post: 5th Sunday options

Everyone loves a story!

Last Post: Is that Simeon's song?

Experience, insights, and suggestions from the Rotation community.

Last Post: One Room Rotation for Preschoolers

This "Other" Topic is a catch-all for various interesting subjects, ideas, questions and resources for Sunday School which are not necessarily "Workshop Rotation" subjects, but may be of interested to Rotation-nauts.

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