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Giving during the pandemic

A short stewardship discussion for older children, youth, and adults

Question: Do you think "giving" to the church went up or down during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: It did both!

The following chart shows the results of two surveys of churches on "giving" during the pandemic, one early in the pandemic, and one a few months later. Below it are some possible questions to ask.

A Few Questions

  • Why do you think some churches saw their giving go up and some go down?
  • Did your personal giving go up or down?
  • Is it wrong for you to give LESS when you are not able to go to church? (That seems to be what the survey results are suggesting, that attendance and giving are strongly linked.)
  • What is the potential long-term "damage" to church finances, budgets, programs, and staff when giving decreases?
  • Should church members "give more" once the pandemic is over to "make up" for the amount of gifts they were not able to give due to the pandemic?  
  • What other things can you do to be a good steward when you don't have money to give?


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