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Gratitude Ball Toss
Questions for Kids About 2020

An at-home or in-class discussion game about Gratitude in 2020.

The questions can be written on the different panels of a beach ball which is then tossed and caught -- and whichever question your right hand is on you must answer. They can also be written on the sides of a large decorated square box and rolled like a dice to determine which question the roller has to answer. Add numbers to each question too if you want to "advance X number of spaces" on a board game (squares on the floor or drawn on paper).

Due the pandemic...

  • Name an activity that you missed this year?

  • Name a person you are really looking forward to spending more time with once things return to "normal"?

  • What difficulty have you experienced that has taught you a good lesson?

  • What have you learned you can do without and still be happy?

  • What have you missed about our church?

  • What changes have you learned you need to make in your life and habits?

  • Name something positive that has come out of the pandemic for you.

  • What lesson from the pandemic do you think God wants his people to remember once it is over?


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