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Take-Home Game Kits to Encourage Gratitude Discussion at Home

There are some really good "questions to ask" in the previous posts, but the challenge is getting church members to do them at home. That's where assembling and handing out "take-home game kits" can really help.

Plastic arrow spinners can be purchased in bulk quite inexpensively. They snap onto a paper plate or piece of paper on which you've written several "spinner" numbers.(see below).

Have the church supply the questions as "cards." These can be stacked on a simple hand-drawn gameboard. Players spin and advance across the gameboard -- answering a question from the stack each time they come to stop. It's okay to have questions repeat.

Sunday School kids could decorate and number the plates and attach the spinners, as well as draw the gameboard (Lots of gameboard templates online too. Google "gameboard blank squares" or similar).


A Few Additional Questions to Suggest (in addition to some in previous posts above)

  1. What's one thing GOD is grateful for about the person on your left?
  2. Who do you miss that's no longer alive and what are you grateful for about their life?
  3. What daily things would Jesus tell you to be grateful for now and increase in the year ahead?
  4. Gratefully name someone not with you right now who changed your life in a positive way.
  5. What lesson have you learned about life this past year?
  6. Move back 3 squares if you have been depressed or sad about something in the past month, then move forward 2 squares if you did something positive to respond to your sadness.
  7. Move forward one square if you did something today that someone in the game is grateful to you for doing.
  8. Move forward 3 squares if you gave thanks to God in prayer today for more than a minute (move forward 1 square if you forgot but take 30 seconds now to pray).
  9. Move forward 1 square if the person on your right says something about you that they are grateful for.
  10. Move forward one square is you say out loud the name of someone who inspires you to be a better person.

Tip: Ask the pastor to suggest questions. Perhaps they can even be part of the liturgy or sermon.


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