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The Stories of Elijah, Elisha, and Jonah ~ Messages for Today

Three Timely & Fun Lessons about Forgiveness, caring for the Poor, welcoming the "Outsiders," and about being a Prophet

  • Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath ~ God cares about the poor and the outsider
  • Elijah, Ahab, and the Still Small Voice ~ God isn't in the fire. God sends help and helpers.
  • Elijah Needs Help to Change Things! ~ God sends young Elisha. Will he (you) pick up the mantle?
  • Jonah learns that God is about forgiveness, not punishment. God comforts the afflicted, and afflicts the comfortable Jonah.

These four interactive Bible stories are found in the FREE Elijah and Jonah computer software now available for free to our supporting members. Everyone can read its description here.

 Download the software, share it with all your families!

 Print this special one-page introduction for parents about the Teaching about the prophets Elijah and Jonah here in this time of challenge and change.

All four stories address timely subjects, among them:

  • “What should we do” when confronted with problems? Run away?
  • How God feels about the poor, the outsiders, the oppressed, the foreigner? (and therefore, how we should too).
  • How do you change people’s minds about something important? (and what doesn’t work)
  • How does God speak to us?
  • How is God trying to get your attention to the needs of others? (What shade plant is the worm devouring in your life?)
  • What do you do when you feel like you’ve “had enough” and are worn out? How does God help the helpers?
  • When you are asked to be a prophet, will YOU pick up the mantle? 

The stories of the prophets Elijah and Jonah share some common themes:

  • Both Elijah and Jonah confronted power, but each received different responses and results.
  • In both the Elijah and Jonah stories, there are acts of compassion – to “outsiders” that the righteous didn’t think deserved God’s mercy (and it is Jonah who ends up on the outside looking in).
  • In both the Elijah and Jonah stories, there comes a point when the prophets question God and want to quit.
  • In both the Elijah and Jonah stories, God sends signs to get the prophet's attention (wind, earthquake, fire, whale and worm)
  • In both the Elijah and Jonah stories, there's a surprise ending that raises the question, "what needs to happen next?" 

The style of presentation in each of the three stories lends itself to group/family use and discussion. Each story is poignantly presented and humorously so where appropriate. Lots of pop-ups and embedded games keep everyone engaged.

Pictured below: A screenshot of the fun game embedded within the Jonah software that teaches players "where" they can be a  prophet today:


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