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Here is what's currently on our schedule:


  • Jesus Feeds the 5000 ... Done.   May 2019
  • Advent Angels and Shepherds ... Done.   August 2019
  • Psalm 23 ... Fall 2019
  • Lord's Prayer ... Fall 2019
  • The Ten Commandments ... Early 2020
  • The Good Samaritan ... Winter 2020
  • Jesus and Zacchaeus ... Spring 2020
  • Lost Coin, Lost Sheep ... Summer 2020
  • The Good Samaritan ... Early 2020
  • The Story of Ruth ... Sring 2020
  • Daniel: Furnace and Den ... Summer 2020
  • Micah 6:8 What does the Lord Require? ... Late 2020
  • The Prodigal Son ... Early 2021
  • Jonah ... Summer 2021
  • Man Let down through the Roof ... Fall 2021
  • Fruits of the Spirit ... Late Fall 2021

    All dates are estimates. The schedule may change.

Writing Team materials SOAR

The above stories also have some good content in our public forums, ...which is one of the reasons they haven't been on the Team's writing schedule until now. However, our Writing Team is producing such creative and detailed lessons that, after working on other stories that didn't have enough good public content, we have now put these important stories on our "to be written" list. 

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