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Reply to "Here are a variety of Scope & Sequences from a variety of churches!"

I received this 6-year Rotation Model Bible story "scope and sequence" from Rev. Don Griggs, one of the most respected Presbyterian educators in the U.S. and a great fan of the Rotation Model. He used it at his church in Sacramento.

Don told me that he created this S & S for his church with Mary Batchelor's "Children's Bible in 365 Days" in front of him. The book is published by Lion Publishing. <>< Neil

Year One:

Ruth and Naomi
Annunication and Birth of Jesus
Jesus Calls the Disciples
Lord's Prayer
Good Samaritan
Miracle of the Loaves/Fishes
Last Week with Jesus -Disciples and Peter Luke 22-23
Resurrection -Luke 24

Year Two:

Joseph's Coat
Joseph helps his brother and father
Esther Saves
Birth of Jesus, Wiseman
Boy Jesus in Temple
Prodigal Son
Healing of Paralytic Mk 2
Last Week with Jesus - Last Supper Mt 26-27
Resurrection Mt 28
Peter and Early Church - Acts 3-4

Year Three:

Abraham and Sarah
Isaac and Rebekah
Jacob and Esau
Birth of Jesus -Messiah Is 9:2 Luke 2
Jesus' Baptism and Temptation
Jesus and Samaritan Woman
Parable of Great Feast -Luke 14
Miracle at Cana
Last Week with Jesus - New Commandment John 13
Resurrection - John 20, 21
Life in Early Church -Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-37, 6:1-7

Year Four:

Moses -Birth to Midian
Moses Leaving Egypt
Ten Commandments
Annunciation and Birth -Luke 1, 2
The Beatitudes
Lord's Prayer
Parable of the Sower -Mk 4
Healing of Bartimaeus -Mk 10
Last Week with Jesus -Disciples and Peter Luke 22,23
Resurrection -Luke 24
Paul's Conversion -Acts 9

Year Five:

Samuel -1Sam 3, 7, 8
David and Goliath
David the King -2 Sam: 5-7
Birth of Jesus and Wiseman
Sayings of Jesus: Sermon on the Mount Mt 5, 6
Jesus and Nicodemus
Parable of Unforgiving Servant -Mt 18
Jesus Calms the Storm -Mark 4
Last Week with Jesus - Last Supper, Mt 26, 27
Resurrection - Mt 28
Paul the Missionary - Acts 11:19-26, Acts 13

Year Six:

Elijah and Prophets of Baal
Jeremiah - Jer 1:1-13, 18:1-11, 31:31-34
Birth of Jesus, The Messiah - Is 9:2-7, Luke 2
Saying of Jesus -Mt 5 & 6
Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Parable of Vineyard Workers Mt 20
Healing of Centurion's Servant Mt 8:5
Last Week with Jesus - New Commandment, John 13
Resurrection - 20-21
Paul and Other Believers - Acts 16

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