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St John's Lutheran Rotation Model Scope and Sequence
Forest Park Illinois

Cathy Walz

Being a Lutheran Church, we chose to base our scope and sequence around the 6 Chief Parts of Luther's Small Cathechism. Since our (Lutheran) denomination considers these to be important for our young people (really, all people) to know, we thought we would base our choice of stories/main ideas around them. The 6 parts are: 10 Commandments, Lord's Prayer, Apostles' Creed, Baptism, Communion, Office of the Keys (Forgiveness). We also added sections on The Bible and People of God.

Year: The Lord’s Prayer
1. “Our Father…”(who we pray to)—Elijah
2. “Hallowed be Thy name”—Names of Jesus
3. “Thy kingdom come”—Nicodemus
4. “Thy will be done”—Joseph
5. “Give us…daily bread”—Food Miracles
6. “Forgive…”—Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
7. “Lead us not…”—Spiritual Armor
8. “Deliver us from evil”—Daniel or Fiery Furnace
9. “For thine…power and glory”—Angels and Shepherds (Christmas)
10. Prayer—Garden of Gethsemane (Lent)
11. Prayer—Ezra & Nehemiah/Return from Exile
12. Yearly Sunday School Program—Easter

Year: The 10 Commandments (note that this is the “Lutheran” numbering)
1. Overview—Moses and the Giving of the 10 Commandments
2. 1st Commandment (no other Gods)—Palm Sunday (Lent)
3. 2nd C. (honor God’s name)—Thomas: Confession of Faith & Doubting (Easter)
4. 3rd C. (Sabbath)—Solomon and the Temple
5. 4th C. (honor parents)—Ruth & Naomi
6. 5th C. (God’s gift of life/do not murder)—Good Samaritan
7. 6th C. (God’s gift of marriage/no adultery)—Creation, esp. Adam & Eve
8. 7th C. (do not steal)—Zacchaeus
9. 8th C. (no false testimony)—David & Jonathon
10. 9th & 10th C. (God’s gift of contentment/do not covet)—Widow’s Mites
11. Can’t Keep the Law/Need for a Savior—3 Wise Women (Christmas)
12. Yearly Sunday School Program—Reformation

Year: The Apostles’ Creed
1. 1st Article (Father who creates & sustains)—David & Goliath
2. 1st Article (Father who sustains)—Wilderness Wanderings
3. 1st Article (Father who sustains)—Esther
4. 2nd Article (Jesus/True God)—Miracles of Jesus
5. 2nd Article (Jesus/prophet & priest & king)—Psalm 23/Good Shepherd
6. 2nd Article (Jesus/redemption)—Lent through the Eyes of the Mary’s (Lent)
7. 2nd Article (Jesus/exaltation)—Resurrection (Easter)
8. 3rd Article (Spirit/holy Christian church)—Body of Christ
9. 3rd Article (Spirit/called by Gospel)—Call of the Disciples
10. 3rd Article (Spirit/sanctifies)—Beatitudes
11. 3rd Article (Spirit/gives eternal life)—Kingdom Parables or 10 Virgins
12. Yearly Sunday School Program—Christmas

Year: The Bible plus Confession & Forgiveness
1. Forgiveness (Son of Man has power to forgive)—Paralytic through the roof
2. Forgiveness (acknowledge our sins)—The Fall into Sin
3. Forgiveness (those who repent receive forgiveness)—Lost and Found: Coin, Sheep, Son
4. Forgiveness (Law and Gospel)—Jonah
5. Forgiveness (our need for it)—Good Friday (Lent)
6. Bible (Holy Scriptures)—How the Bible Came to Be
7. Bible (Jesus is key to true meaning of the Bible)—Parable of the Sower
8. Bible (God’s truth made known)—Psalms
9. Bible (Jesus is Heart of Scripture)—Prophecies of Isaiah (Christmas)
10. Bible (spending time in God’s Word)—Mary & Martha
11. Bible (Truth about Jesus made known in Scriptures)—Road to Emmaus (Easter)
12. Yearly Sunday School Program—Pentecost

Year: Baptism and Communion—Plus….
1. Baptism (in name of)—Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation
2. Baptism (power of baptism)—Noah
3. Baptism (commanded by God)—Ascension/Great Commission
4. Baptism (blessing of baptism)—Pentecost
5. Communion (blessing of forgiveness of sins)—Plagues and Passover
6. Communion (we need what it offers)—Feeding of the 5000
7. Communion (instituted by Christ)—Lord’s Supper (Lent)
8. Communion –Easter around the World (Easter)
9. Paul’s Travels Part 1
10. Paul’s Travels Part 2
11. Paul’s Travels Part 3
12. Yearly Sunday School Program (Christmas)

Year: People of God
1. Abraham
2. Moses
3. Hannah & Samuel
4. Joshua & Caleb/The 12 Spies
5. Gideon
6. Elisha
7. The Magi (Christmas)
8. 10 Lepers
9. Paul and the Road to Damascus
10. Peter—on the Beach (Easter)
11. Martin Luther and the Reformation
12. Yearly Sunday School Program--Lent

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