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Reply to "Here are a variety of Scope & Sequences from a variety of churches!"

"St. Elmo's Choir"
was a group of educators and pastors that had graduated from The Presbyterian School of Christian Education at about the same time, and started writing Rotation lessons for each other and for their individual churches.

Year One
Noah & the Flood
Daniel & the Lion’s Den
Shepherd & Angels
Prodigal Son, Lost Sheep/Lost coin
Mary & Martha
Lent/Easter: Focus on Last Supper/Footwashing
Sacraments (Baptism & Lord’s Supper)

Year Two
Abraham & Sarah
Birth Narrative
Paralytic/Blind Man
Paul and the Early Church
Lent/Easter: Focus on Garden of Gethsemane/Judas and Peter

Year Three
Christmas around the World
Sermon on the Mount; Beatitudes
Lent/Easter: Focus on Good Friday (Trial & Crucifixion)

Year Four
Ruth & Naomi
Mary and Joseph
The Good Samaritan
Disciples and discipleship
Lent/Easter: Focus on Resurrection
Lord’s Prayer

Year Five
Exodus & 10 Commandments
Wise Men
Zachaeus/Woman at the Well
Missions & Missionaries
Lent/Easter: Focus on Resurrected Jesus appearing to disciples

Year Six
Solomon & the Temple
Fulfillment of OT prophecies
Feeding of the 5000, Calming the Sea
Paul’s conversion
Lent/Easter: Focus on Palm Sunday
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