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Reply to "Here are a variety of Scope & Sequences from a variety of churches!"

Here's another six year story plan rather organized around yearly "themes" from First Pres in Mankato MN

To determine our 6 year S&S we used and this website, along with help from our pastors. We are still working out the "bugs" of this S&S, so any suggestions would be much appreciated (Our writing team consists of me and me alone!!!)! We try to balance the old and new testament lessons each year. Oh, and we do not have Sunday School during the summer, so our biggest challenge is fitting it all in...

We have already done year 1 and 6 (don't ask...) and will be starting year 2 in September.

Year 1: Listening to God
Jonah and the Whale - Jonah 1-4
Moses and the Burning Bush - Exodus 3:1-15
Advent: Wise People Seek Him - Matthew 2:1-11
The Ten Commandments - Exodus 20:1-17
Easter: Holy Week - Matthew
Mary and Martha - Luke 10:38-42
Sermon on the Mount/Beatitudes - Matthew 5:1-12
Prophets (unable to fit in last year)

Year 2: Faithful Believers
Daniel and the Lion's Den - Daniel 6
Abraham and Sarah - Genesis 17
Advent: Jesus the Word of God - John 1:1-18
Paul on the road to Damascus - Acts 9:1-19
Easter: Walk to Emmaus/ Doubting Thomas
Good Samaritan/Greatest Commandment

Year 3: Trusting God
David and Goliath
Advent: Mary's Story
Moses as a Baby
Easter: Trial and Crucifixion
Parting of the Red Sea

Year 4: God's Eternal Love
Eli and Samuel
Advent: Isaish - a different kind of Messiah
Noah and the Covenant
Jesus Calms the Storm
Easter: Last Supper/Communion
Lost Sheep/Lost Coin/Prodigal Son

Year 5: Sharing the Good News
Jesus Heals
Paul hits the road!
Advent: Christmas around the world
Easter: The Empty Tomb

Year 6: Stewardship
Fishers of People - Mark 1:16-20
Body of Christ - 1 Corin. 12:12-31
Advent: God comes to the lowly - Luke 2:1-20
Parable of the Greedy Rich Man - 2 Sam 12:1-10
Easter: Jesus is the reason - Luke 23:44-24:8
The Widow's Gift - Luke 21:1-4
Feeding of the 5000 - Luke 6:1-15
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