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Reply to "2020: Come See the Treasures We've Found!"

It's fun to dig into's deep resources and discover hidden treasures that stir my imagination.

Here are two great approaches to teaching with puppets that I want to highlight because I know many teachers shy away from puppets these days and don't need to.

More treasure to come!


"Not your Grandma's Puppets"

These two puppet treasures show a more imaginative and modern approach to puppeteering that will also appeal to older kids too.

In this Anointing of David lesson, students choose everyday objects to represent characters as they discover that while people judge based on appearances, God looks at a person's heart (and we should too). I like it because the everyday objects themselves don't reveal what's inside them, just like our own "appearance" isn't how we should be known by others.  1 Samuel 16:1-13


In this Good Samaritan -- Who Is My Neighbor puppet lesson, students choose kitchen utensils to present a skit called "The Good Spatula."    

I like this because INSTEAD of choosing "a bearded man puppet" to be a priest, Robingraterstudents have to use their imagination and knowledge of the character to Robinbowlchoose an appropriate kitchen utensil (a fancy whisk for the priest? ) and move/act with that utensil in a way that conveys that character's attitude and actions.


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