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Reply to "2020: Come See the Treasures We've Found!"

Two more treasures...

(that will help you prep your lessons--and your classrooms)

Discovering what's in the "What's in the Bible?" videos!

 What a great series of kid-friendly Bible videos for HOME and church! 

  But how do you know what's in them? 

 You consult the free outlines posted at of course!

whats in bibleIf you're a supporting member, you can view and print the 13 teaching outlines to the 13 DVDs in the "What's in the Bible?" series. These DVDs (created by Phil Vischer of VeggieTales fame) are recommended in a number of lessons in our public forums and in our Writing Team sets and make a great resource for HOME USE TOO.

Each guide includes an outline of the topics and stories in each DVD (along with helpful timestamps), what not to miss, what to skip if time is short, and possible follow-up questions and complementary activities. There's so much information in each guide that you could easily use it to prepare your own lesson plan!


Figuring Out How to Show Content

from My Cellphone on the TV

I'm not the most tech-savvy person in the world. 

So that is why I am grateful for  some great articles to make it easier for anyone (even me!) to incorporate tech into the classroom--and it doesn't have to be just your A-V Workshop. You could even use this at home.


This article walks you through connecting your cellphone to the TV. That way, you can show online content, such as a YouTube Bible video or maps, during class. Or video a drama skit and then show it on "the big screen".  You just need an inexpensive CABLE to make you look like a tech genius!


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