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Reply to "2020: Come See the Treasures We've Found!"

I’m having fun looking for hidden treasures here at our site—you never know what you might discover! 

Unfortunately, I didn’t discover a way into Narnia. But I did rediscover some great creative techniques to share with you. 

More to come!

Drama—More than Reading a Script!

One of my pet peeves with drama is when we hand a script to our students—then they are looking down at a script instead of acting and thinking about the Bible story. This drama lesson about Paul and the Bright Light gets around this by using off-screen narrators (perfect for those who don't like the limelight!) so the actors can act!  It then describes how you can up the creative fun factor by recording the drama on your cellphone and using a free Slo-Mo/Fast-Mo app on your phone or tablet to add special effects. Extra bonus: the lesson describes how the slo-mo becomes a teaching opportunity.

An added benefit: You could adapt these techniques to so many stories!

This particular lesson is available to our Supporting Members ($45 gives you access to 35+ sets of lessons that offer innovative ideas for teaching stories).

Fishing Around for a Memorable Art Project?

One of my absolute favorite lessons on our site is this art lesson from CreativeCarol using actual (dead) fish to make a fish print T-shirt. A friend of mine from our church taught this lesson a few years back and we STILL laugh and fondly remember it! This lesson was part of a lesson set for The Feeding of the 5000, but you could adapt it for Call of the Disciples or the Post-Resurrection encounter with Jesus on the beach. These shirts will be a memorable reminder of the story!


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