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 Treasures in Genesis...

bible magnifying glass--croppedFall is approaching and, in many Sunday School programs, that means focusing on stories in the Old Testament.  So, I went searching through the Genesis forums for a few hidden treasures!

These lessons would be great to use at your church, but they would also be easy for your families to use at home!

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More to come!


WHY the Cookie Crumbles!


I like how every step of this Cooking Workshop on “Adam and Eve and the Fall into Sin” reinforces key concepts in the story. The children are a part of the beauty and goodness of Creation as they paint a picture on cookie dough with colored egg yolk “paint”. But after baking the cookies, they learn in a very hands-on way about the destructive nature of sin as they must destroy their beautiful creation by crumbling up their cookie. But all is not lost! They add pudding to their cookie pieces as a sweet reminder of God’s first promise of a Savior in Genesis 3. And then they can literally taste and see that the Lord and His promises are good!

sciencebeakerThings are Heating Up in this Science Workshop  

This "Science" Workshop lesson about Joseph and His Brothers by member Ann Wright is a great example of combining student-conducted experiments and memorable teacher-led demonstrations.

The students learn about the friction between the brothers as they themselves conduct a rising temperature sand experiment.  They discover the explosive nature of the brothers’ reaction with a Mentos geyser demonstration.  If you are teaching this, be ready to run fast! 


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