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Reply to "2020: Come See the Treasures We've Found!"

Christmas is over (true confession, my tree is still up! ), and many Sunday School programs are teaching about the early life of Jesus and His ministry. I’ve dug up a few treasures that would be easy for families to do at home, since in-person Sunday School might not be happening yet.

More to Come!

We’ve Come A Long Way—from Filmstrips to YouTube Clips!  Jesus in Temple

Okay, maybe not film strips!  But most of us have probably gathered the students around and popped a video or DVD into the player. This won’t work so well if you are doing Sunday School at home. Fortunately, has been searching out videos on YouTube that could be used for a number of Bible stories. Here is a nice collection of links to videos about the 12-year old Jesus in the Temple.  With so many to choose from, you can find something that will fit the ages and interests of your kids!

Focusing on the Screen = Focusing on Jesus

Jesus in Space

Offering computer lessons at home is easier than ever for our Supporting Members. Sunday Software donated a number of their software titles to us and they are FREE to download for Supporting Members (and can be shared with the members of their congregation). This lesson explores the Baptism of Jesus, using the “Jesus in Space” software. This lesson walks you through using the software. Of course, your kids will probably have fun exploring it on their own, too!

Let’s Go with LEGOs 

Lots of families have LEGOs or other small props that could be used to create tabletop Bible story scenes. Pick a Bible story—or let your children pick out a story. Read it from the Bible or a Children’s Bible and then let your kids channel their creativity into creating a scene or scenes from the story. If you need a little inspiration, this Lego Workshop manual (with lots of pictures!) will give you some ideas to get started.


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