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Reply to "The Diorama or "Story Table" Workshop"

WOW! Diorama BIBLE buildings, figures, and props out of paper!  Download, print, cut, and fold.

Thanks to this neat site called "My Little House" by Didier Martin.

Information on Didier taken directly from his site.

My name is Didier, I am French, born in Paris. I lived in France for most of my life, then abroad, mostly in Latin America.

I am a children’s book and comic illustrator, and paper engineer (I create paper models and different paper crafts). I also create activity pages and occasionally board games, as well as write short stories.

As a Christian, I feel it is my calling to reach out to children, and so the reason for this blog is to share with them and all of you the different projects I work on.

Many of the projects I post on this blog are for free for you to download and use and share with others. I simply ask that don’t use these articles for commercial purpose, and that you keep my credits and copyright with the articles and projects.

 I've created links to his site directly to the bible diorama projects he's created.  If you use them please remember his credits and copyright notice as noted above.

He also has a DONATION button on his website - if you use his material I promote donating to help him in this amazing calling.  Just imagine the endless hours he spent creating these then providing them on his blog/site for free.  Help him continue this amazing ministry!  (Note:  I do not know the author or have any connection to him or his website - simply awestruck by his bible artwork!)

Diorama Links to his site:

Link to "Bible Town"

Link to Easter "Empty Tomb" Story

Link to "Nativity" Story

NEW - Link to "Moses" Story


 Bible town 1


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  • Bible town 1
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