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A Thank You and Photos from a Rotation Sunday School in Cozumel, and # of Members Around the World!

cozumelCozumel Mexico is a popular vacation spot and cruise ship stop, and now it is also home to a terrific Workshop Rotation Model Sunday School at the Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana Eben Ezer (Ebenezzar Presbyterian Church)!

Caty Pech is the volunteer Christian educator at the church and she's also a Supporting Member of Rotation! She responded to our recent request for photos with part of her story too. We praise God for her ministry! ...and are blessed to have played a small role in helping her share God's Word in her community.

Caty writes:

"I always will be thankful to God for all those who make this program available for us. I attended a workshop in 20 years ago and the seed was planted in my mind and heart. But our times are not God's times. so it was until 2018 that we could start this program in the church down here.

It's been challenging for me because in addition to encouraging and training the teachers for this change, I have to translate the (lessons) every month. I am also a volunteer minister at an English language congregation on the island, and I am the coordinator of medical mission team -- in addtion to being the Christian Education leader and (serving on the) Liturgy team at the Ebenezzar Presbyterian Church. Enough to get crazy!"

Here are some photos from Caty's Rotation Sunday School

(Click to enlarge)


One of the things we noticed right off the bat is they like to dramatize their Bible stories!


Cozumel7Cozumel3-leperCozumel4leperThe grateful leperCozumel6Drama

This cellphone video came from their "Cooking-Seder" Workshop lesson from the Writing Team's Cross-Seder lesson found at (must be a supporting member to see that lesson).

Caty wrote:

"I was the teacher for that class. It was amazing to see all our kids sitting properly, listening and following the instructions perfectly. I was impressed. It was an awesome experience, I’m telling you. We had to change some of the Seder items including  we couldn't find pretzels on the island this year."

Note: We uploaded the video to YouTube on her behalf to fix a sizing issue.

Thank you Caty for being "crazy" with us! 


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