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Reply to "A Thank You and Photos from a Rotation Sunday School in Cozumel, and # of Members Around the World!"

Where do our U.S. Members Live?

By Neil MacQueen, "Keeper of Stats"

Our site stats tell us how many of our free and supporting members are registered in each state.  The visual below shows the relative numbers by shade of yellow and brown (we can see the actual numbers but can't show that and the graphic all together).

Naturally, more populous states have more people who can register for our site. For example, Texas has the highest number of free and supporting members. (Unfortunately, it's mostly "free" in most states. )

For sure, there are a lot of churches and rotation model enthusiasts in Texas! (Hook'em Horns!) And as the darker shade for Ohio reveals (Go Bucks) Ohio holds our second most number of members. As you might expect, we appear strong in the Midwest and Bible Belt. 

BUT then we did an interesting thing.

We multiplied each state's total number of members by a "proportional factor" used to equalize state populations with each other to come up with a PER CAPITA ranking. 

And when we did this, the results were pretty amazing and somewhat UNEXPECTED! Three Upper Midwest states SHOT TO THE TOP OF THE LIST:  Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. And one state, Alabama, was much farther UP the list than we had expected. Roll Tide!

Now we definitely have "more" members of our site registered in Texas, but when you equalize its population with Iowa, Iowa has the most members PER CAPITA.   

Rank when adjusted for # of registered and supporting members as a percent of state population

1.       Iowa

2.       Minnesota

3.       Wisconsin

4.       Tennessee

5.       Kansas

6.       Oklahoma

7.       North Carolina

8.       South Carolina

9.       Virginia

10.   Missouri

11.   Ohio

12.   Alabama

13.   Michigan

14.   Pennsylvania

15.   Georgia

16.   Illinois

17.   Texas

18.   New Jersey

19.   Florida

20.   New York

21.   California

We have super-strong members in all these states!  And more in some of the states that didn't make the top 21. (I included California, the biggest state, to show you where it ranked per capita).

One of these days, I'm going to break down which states our SUPPORTING MEMBERS come from. Not sure how that will pan out, but I can tell you that we barely have enough supporting members in all the states COMBINED to meet our budget, so each member counts!

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