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About the "Adapting Advent in 2020" forum, and Articles for Leaders

Advent2020NativityWelcome to's

Adapting Advent in 2020:
Worship, teaching, and celebrating Advent and Christmas
during the COVID pandemic"

a special resource forum at

We welcome your replies and contributions to these topics.

In most churches, preparation for Advent worship, teaching, and special programs begins early in the fall — offerings which in 2020 will be greatly impacted by the COVID pandemic.  Here in the U.S.A. where many of our members live, social-distancing will force most churches to rethink their traditional Advent worship and programming.

The picture may be further complicated by the traditional increase in worship attendance during Advent straining existing social-distancing measures, and by the need to continue to minister to members who choose to stay away from church events this year.

This will all take place during an already stressful year and a traditionally stressful time of year — made even more stressful by disruptions to family and community traditions, family gatherings, and travel restrictions (not to mention the economy, and elections in the U.S.A.). Many pastors are exhausted too. (See the article about creative exhaustion in the next post below.) All told, Advent 2020 presents us with creative, logistical, and pastoral challenges unlike anything we have faced in modern times.

Fortunately, Christian educators are used to getting creative and adapting, and often it is the challenges that change us for the better. We hope this forum will inspire your Advent planning and programming to meet this year's unique challenges as we prepare to welcome the Christ child, and we invite you to share your creative ideas.

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The image above is a modified version of photo
of a Nativity scene taken during the 2009 H1N1 outbreak in Naples Italy.


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