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WTLessonSetSOARWhat we did to replace the Writing Team's original 34 sets

Back in 2015, the Board of Directors undertook a review of the original volunteer Team's lesson sets created in the early 2000's. Simply put, we felt it was time to do it differently and do it better.

After hiring a professional Rotation-style lesson writer to work with us, a Team of volunteers spent the next three years upgrading a few and replacing most of the original team's lesson. The new Team continues working under the auspices of our professional Lead Writer whose job is to organize the team, write the Bible Background, provide guidance, training, and creative inspiration, and work with the Team and individual writers to create terrific lesson plans. This work is overseen by members of the Board of Directors -- several of whom are usually involved in each Team.

We appreciate the work of the original team which involved over 25 different writers over ten years. Their experiment in online lesson collaboration helped make the Team what it is today. One of the philosophies of the Rotation Model and strengths of being a web-enabled ministry is that WE CAN and SHOULD CHANGE and IMPROVE. And so we have.

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