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Want to Join the Writing Team?

Read the following, then email Neil at

What is the Writing Team?

The Writing Team is a group of volunteer brainstormers and lesson plan writers who work together with our Lead Writer and Team Editor to produce extra-creative Bible story lesson sets for's Supporting Members.

The Team works in a private forum here at, discussing, exchanging, and reacting to each other's ideas and drafts.

The Team's process is guided and designed to educate, challenge, and learn from each other -whether you're new to all this or experienced. It's also an opportunity to work with Neil MacQueen our Lead Writer and learn more about how to interpret Bible stories for kids, creatively brainstorm lesson ideas, and write lesson plans in the Writing Team's creative Rotation style.

No prior Rotation Model experience is required to volunteer, but you will learn about how Rotation Modelers think up ideas and fit them together into lesson plans and sets.

There are several "roles" that volunteers can choose to fill. Each comes with its own time commitment and expectations. Some volunteers take part in more than one role. Some roles require less time or more experience. 

In each role, volunteers will be working with experienced Writing Team members and our Lead Writer, Neil MacQueen.

Team roles include:

  1. Developing the Bible Background: Providing insights and feedback on the lesson set's Bible Background.
  2. Lesson Brainstorming: Coming up with, discussing, and debating various lesson ideas for each workshop (methods, techniques).
  3. Lesson Writers: Working with our Lead Writer the writers turn the Team's best ideas into lesson plans.
  4. Editing: Final editing and proofing.

are volunteers who are full of ideas, are willing to express them, and are also willing to let them go when a better one comes along. Brainstormers get inspired by other people's ideas and help refine them. Brainstormers may possess skill in certain "workshop" areas (like art or drama), or may simply want to gain skills in brainstorming workshop ideas outside their experience or comfort zone. The Brainstormer's role is intense for about two weeks at the beginning of the set's development, and then takes a break while the lesson writers work their magic.

Joining the Team as a Brainstormer is a great way to get your feet wet. Brainstormers do not necessarily have to turn ideas into lesson plans, but if they get inspired to do so they can decide to become a lesson writer at any time.

The Lesson Writers are considered "writers in training." Each lesson writer takes part in the Team's brainstorming process, then works more closely with the Lead Writer in private discussion to begin drafting lesson plans. This is a great opportunity to learn HOW TO write lesson plans, or improve your lesson planning skills. Lesson writers usually write one workshop lesson plan, and sometimes two if their time permits. Every writer's work is subject to final editing.

Editing and Proofing: The "Lead Editor" is assigned to the Team by the Board of Directors. Volunteer editors work with the Lead Editor to learn and help with the lesson set editing and proofing process. A big part of our editing is improving the clarity, language, and layout of each lesson plan.

Helping with the Bible Background. The Bible Background's head writer is assigned by the Board. Volunteers are invited to help the Background writer with the Background's insights and drafting.  While biblical and theological skills are helpful, some Background volunteers can simply choose to lean on the head writer for those things, and instead, focus on making the Background readable and inspirational for teachers, and life-applicable for children.

In addition to learning from each other and the process, and learning from our Lead Writer and Editors, we have developed a number of articles to help new Team members understand how Neil and past Writing Teams have approached brainstorming, choosing lesson activities, and writing the actual lesson plans.

Ready to join a Team or want to know more?

Email Neil MacQueen at


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