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The Writing Team is a guided and collaborative process designed to challenge and inspire volunteer writers while producing an extra-creative set of lessons for our Supporting Members. You will work closely with other volunteer writers (some new like you), with Neil MacQueen our Lead Writer, and one or two other wildly creative and experienced members of our Board.

The Team works together in a private online forum at for approximately 8 weeks. After an intense early period of brainstorming, each writer proposes a lesson plan to the Team, and then works with the Lead Writer and Team feedback to turn that proposal into a final draft. Each writer receives as much help as they need with writing, resourcing, detailing, and formatting.

It is extremely important that every writer has the time to regularly post and reply during the 8-week process, which can be almost daily during the first two weeks of brainstorming. As well, writers need to be comfortable critiquing other people's ideas and having their own ideas critiqued. Learning how others think and create, and how one good idea can inspire a better one is a BIG part of the experience.

Formal lesson writing experience is not required, in part, because our process and goals are unique. We will help you with what you don't know, and you will share what you do. Rotation Model experience is great but optional.

Team members typically come from variety of denominations and vary in terms of age and experience. The process is designed to challenge each writer regardless of background or experience, (and sometimes because of it!). Our lesson objectives and theological emphasis is set by the Bible Background.

Additional details...

  • We typically form three Teams a year (Mid-Winter, Early Summer, Mid-Fall) and would be asking you to join one of those Teams. (See the a typical schedule at the end of this post.)
  • The stories are chosen by the Board of Directors. They also commission and approve the Bible Backgrounds and Lesson Objectives which serve as the guide to each Team.
  • Each Team consists of three to four volunteer writers, a Lead Writer, an Editor, and a Team Resource Person. Currently, our Lead Writer is Neil MacQueen.
  • The final version of every lesson plan is determined by the Lead Writer and Editor.
  • Once you've successfully written for the Team, you are invited to join future Teams. You may also be invited to help with smaller, shorter, and "less-trainy" Writing Team projects scheduled on occasion by our Lead Writer.

Ready to join a Team or want to know more?

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