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Want to Join the Writing Team?

 Read the following, then email Neil, the Writing Team's Lead Writer.


The Writing Team is a guided and collaborative process designed to train and inspire volunteer writers while producing new, extra-creative sets of lessons for our Supporting Members. In addition to other volunteer writers, you will work closely with Neil MacQueen and one or two other wildly creative and experienced members of our Board, as well as returning Team members.

Some Sunday School teaching experience is necessary. Lesson writing experience will be provided, particularly as it relates to the WT lesson style and Team goals and formats. Rotation Model experience is optional but we do write "workshop-styled" lessons.

Team members come from various denominations and vary in terms of age, experience, and professional credentials. The process is designed to challenge each writer regardless of background or experience, (and sometimes because of it!).

Working together, Team members learn from each other and the Lead Writer how to approach teaching a Bible story, brainstorm creative ideas using a variety of teaching techniques, and turn them into activities and lesson plans.

Throughout the Team process, volunteers are guided by our Lead Writer and have the help and feedback of other Team members, including an Editor and a Resource person.

The Team works together in a private forum online. 

More details...

  • We typically form three Teams a year (Mid-Winter, Early Summer, Mid-Fall) and would be asking you to join one of those Teams. (See the a typical schedule at the end of this post.)
  • The stories are chosen by the Board of Directors. They also commission and approve the Bible Backgrounds and Lesson Objectives which serve as the guide to each Team.
  • Each Team consists of three to four volunteer writers, a Lead Writer, an Editor, and a Team Resource Person. Currently, our Lead Writer is Neil MacQueen.
  • The Team typically works over an eight week period.
  • Our Team process provides training, guidance, and support to every volunteer writer at every stage of the lesson development process. 
  • After several weeks of group brainstorming, each volunteer writer is asked to accept a lesson writing assignment. Working with the Lead Writer, each writer turns the Team's brainstorming into a detailed lesson. Each writer is also asked to act as a resource to another writer's lesson --providing feedback and resourcing.
  • The final version of every lesson plan is up to the Lead Writer and Editor.
  • Once you've successfully written for the Team, you are invited to join future Teams. You may also be invited to help with smaller, shorter, and "less-trainy" Writing Team projects scheduled on occasion by our Lead Writer.

A Few Details About the Team's Schedule

  1. Each Team signs on for an 8 week period. The first four weeks are the busiest as we post back and forth to each other in our private forums. 

  2. The first week in this timeline is "reading" week. We have created a number of documents for you to read. They include "how the Team works" and what you are committing yourself to. A Bible Background for the lesson set will be presented for your feedback and to prime your pondering.  We also have training documents that help you with brainstorming and how to write a lesson in the Team's "workshop style."

  3. The Team process starts with two weeks of collaborative brainstorming. This is an almost daily back-and-forth between all Team members. This process is guided by the Lead Writer and culminates in writing assignments. 

  4. Next, you'll have up to three weeks to write your lesson plan. You'll work closely with the Lead Writer and have the services of our Resource Person to help you think through activities and supplies. You'll post a draft for other members of the Team to comment on.

  5. After everyone's final lesson drafts are submitted, they go through a two-week refining and editing process before going *Live* at our site. 

Required Experience:

No prior Rotation or lesson writing experience is required.  We believe that some of the best writers just haven't had the opportunity or training to become one yet. We also believe that academic or staff experience is not always the best indicator of who can write creative lessons or work in a collaborative environment.

Here's what we DO require:

  • Sunday School teaching experience
  • Can write coherent sentences
  • Can think creatively and are open to new ideas
  • Will not be offended if their ideas may end up modified or unused
  • Can work well with others online in a timely manner
  • Takes part in all phases of the Team process
  • Is willing to follow directions
  • Have been a registered or supporting member for more than a year

Ready to join a Team or want to know more?

Email Neil MacQueen at


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