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Reply to "Discussions: Preteens in Rotation, Intergenerational Rotation, and Spiritual Development"

This is sort of a repost. As the Exchange Gardener I accidentally deleted about 5 posts that I had intended to move here. One of them was mine and I will try also to remember some of the tips from others though I don't remember who the authors were.

How to adapt for a different age group:

Movies: Show different movies, animated for younger children and live action for older children, you can also use movies that tie to the theme but are not a recreation of the story and compare and contrast them, this is good for teens.

Art projects: For younger children have things pre-cut or partially assembled or use stencils etc., for older children let them have more of a free-flow attempt and personalize their art.

For drama: For younger children narrate and have them act it out, for older children let them write the script.

For cooking: For younger children, work in groups, for older children, let them follow the recipe on their own.

For music: For younger children, use a lot of actions and simple songs, for older children let them accompany them with instruments or drums.

Other suggestions that I remember from others:

Put in your teaching plans examples of how to rephrase wording to simplify or make more challenging.

Write to the middle group and then simplify or make more challenging.

That is all I can remember.

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