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Spiritual Development


Alicia posted March 04, 2004

I need information on age appropriate goals for our classes. For example: when a child reaches 2nd grade, they should know the Lord's Prayer, who the disciples were, etc. Does anyone know of any resources that would help me? I am from a Lutheran church.
Thanks for the help


Leslee Kirkconnell  posted March 05, 2004

You might start by looking at commercial curriculum-what are they expecting at various ages. Frequently this information will be in the teacher book, but sometimes also in a separate publication. Living the Good News from the Episcopal Church had an excellent poster that depicted it in an upward spiral. That was a number of years ago, so I don't know if it's still available.

Peachtree Presbyterian Church (Atlanta) published in 1994 a book called Stepping Stones on the Journey of Faith for Children, Youth and Adults. It was the result of their desire to be able to 'benchmark' what was taught and expected at each age.   Update 2017: Here is an article about this book, the 3rd last paragraph has ordering contact info.

Also Educational Ministries.Inc published a book called, Age Group Characteristics  by Anne Gilbert that should also be of help. Good luck! 

Gerald Bailey posted March 08, 2004

Westminster Presbyterian, Dayton OH, has developed its own set of "learning guidelines" which outlines what we want our children, youth and adults to be exposed to in various levels of their Christian education.

JanS  posted March 09, 2004

Here at House of Hope Presbyterian we do two different programs that might be helpful to you.
One is called MIlestones and involves the parents/significant adult. Each age/grade participates in the following:
age 4-presentation of story Bibles
K; Learn the Lord's Prayer
gr. 1 Communion instruction
gr. 2 Prayer/family devotions
gr. 3 Bible presentation
gr. 4 stewardship/service
gr. 5 worship

In addition, each class presents something at the Spring program called Expressions of Faith.
ages 3 and 4: Sing Jesus Loves Me
K: Doxology
gr. 1 Gal. 5:22
gr. 2 10 Commandments
gr. 3 Books of the NT
gr. 4 Books of the OT
gr. 5 Apostles Creed

Also, I would recommend that determining your grade level goals along with the person(s) who teach Confirmation. What do they want the young people to come into the program knowing?

Jan Snell

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