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Advent Worship and Christmas "Programs" during the 2020 COVID pandemic -- ideas and resources

This forum topic is a little different than our related forum, Celebrating and Teaching about Advent & Christmas at Home during the 2020 COVID Pandemic -- ideas, traditions, resources. The following ideas are more about Advent WORSHIP IN 2020.


Worshiping during Advent and Christmas 2020

- how to be safe and joyous together (even if we are separate)

As 2020 heads towards the holiday season, there are questions in everyone's minds:

  • How do we gather a physically distanced congregation either in-church or at-home in meaningful ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus?
  • Is there a safe way to sing the joyous songs of the season - together?
  • How can we keep our traditions and stay safe at the same time?
  • How do we include older members and others who are not comfortable gathering at this time?

Each church's response will  be different, based on needs, size, resources, traditions, and location with regard to COVID rates. And we already know from recent "re-openings" that many members are making up their own minds about "what's safe" and some are staying away. That raises the additional task (and opportunity) of providing both for those in-church and for those who need to be included at home.

The common need is for creativity and flexibility. Many traditions will need to be tweaked, and that also presents us with an opportunity to get out of our ruts and start new traditions.

Providentially,  arts, education, and community organizations have had many months to experiment with how to have a public performance, developing some of the solutions and innovations that this Advent will need. For example:

In addition to the ideas at this site, remember to check to see what your denomination and others are offering. For example

Be sure to consider the latest health information as well as required protocols for your locale as you are planning events.

And... be prepared to share your programs with members who CANNOT ATTEND in person. In that respect, Facetime and Zoom are real "angels."



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