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Reply to "Advent Worship and Christmas "Programs" during the 2020 COVID pandemic -- ideas and resources"

An idea about "other kinds" of costumes for the nativity...

And word of caution about sharing costumes during the pandemic...

While most COVID experts say that the possibility of transmission from fabric to person is "low," we should probably not be sharing costumes this Advent, especially those pulled over the head by children who tend to have runny noses.  View the CDC's Holiday guidelines.

One way around the need for sharing costumes is to invite participants to create their own and not be limited by "traditional" Nativity-style costumes or themes in their photo.

For example:

Who comes to the manger?   Thinking of "costumes" people wear in real life. Kids on sports teams, Parents in work clothes. People bringing food to donate (like the Magi). First responders. Dad in his Santa suit. Golfers, gardeners. Ugly Xmas sweaters. A family carrying "Peace and Justice" signs. Singers. Bring your dog. A family dressed as angels or wearing shepherd's beards made out of fun-fur or brown felt.  Think of them like a Christmas card to the congregation.

Who comes and how can you use  WHO you are and WHAT you "bring" to the Manger for godly purposes?

This kind of creativity is also a memorable teaching opportunity and the photos are likely to get shared across social media. You could also "Live Zoom" people arriving and interview them.


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