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Reply to "All Saints, All Souls Ideas (not complete lesson plans)"

Saints- Ideas

  • Mission Possible – make a stained glass window
  • Lighthouse Café – decorate small pumpkins for tables at Saints on the Street
  • Holywood – monologue on 3 saints for the day (need costumes) – interview members of the class – a brief biography and why they love God.
  • Creation Station – decorate ornament for all who have died in parish family this year
  • Special Assignments – Faith Crest – using a shield put the child’s name with a phrase “A Saint of God” draw images on the crest that tell about themselves and what they do for God

  • Mission Possible – Graffiti Wall - Divide long sheet/roll of paper on wall with line – one side write “With Christ” and other side write “Without Christ” – have them draw pictures and words that depict this
    Talk about Halloween and All Saints
  • Lighthouse Café – Peace Offering Cocoa
  • Holywood – monologue on other 3 saints and interview again –
  • Heritage Bells - Ribbon of bright color – string a bell in honor of someone who has helped you understand God better – sing and pass the ribbons listening to the bells that tell of those who set the foundation for our faith
  • Creation Station – paper weaving – all that have gone before us have woven the fabric of faith. Weave strips of colored paper naming someone that has helped them.
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