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Reply to "Isaiah 6: Holy, Holy, Holy... and Send Me! Lessons and Ideas"

Reply below, moved here from "Help Lounge" is another reply to a request by member Bill Walsh for additional ideas for "Isaiah 6".

Isaiah 6

Visual Throne & Relay Race

Here is what I did for Isaiah 6.

I was intrigued by the vision of heaven that Isaiah had. I used Power Point to show pictures of long trains on robes and explained that the longer the train the more important the person wearing it. The idea was it was someone was so important that they did not have to move, their authority was such, they could rule from where they were. A long train was heavy, and so you couldn't move much, indicating you were important. 

Visual Throne

I used a visual throne I made myself, set it up on a card table to represent that it was in heaven and put white fluff around the bottom to represent clouds. I have a picture of it in this blog post.

Relay Race

I focused on the fact that Isaiah was seeing Jesus and even made up a race to help children learn the full cycle of Jesus (existed in heaven, born as a man, lived here, died on the cross, buried & risen and back to heaven. For more details see our website at

Below is the video explaining the relay game found at

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