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Jesus Calms the Storm

Art Workshop

Jesus in a jar

Summary of Lesson Activity:

Kids will make a miniature "JESUS IN A BOAT -- JAR." a sealed jar of water that functions like a "snow shaker" ...with Jesus always staying upright (if you build the boat and weight it correctly!)

Weird I know, but the kids totally loved this idea and it goes home to remind them of the story.

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 8:18,23-27, Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25

Key Verse:  "Peace, be still! ...Jesus is at your side." Luke 8:22

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.
  • Try the project.

Supplies List:

  • Metallic paper
  • Styrofoam
  • Glue
  • Clear jars.
  • Pennies


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Open with a prayer.

Have the kids read the three different versions of the story from Matthew, Mark and Luke.

The Voting Game (to promote discussion!): Have kids walk to one side of the room or the other depending on how they answer each of the following questions. Consider getting help from some other adults or teens so that they can help the kids move to the right spot in the room and stay calm! (Peace, be still, ya know)

After they vote, go to someone on each side and ask them why they voted the way they did promote discussion!

  • Vote which one is "the best." Mathew, Mark or Luke's version. (Ask them why.)

  • True or False --the body of water where this story took place was the Sea of Capernaum (false: Galilee)

  • True or False --Jesus fell asleep because he was tired from a full day of teaching others (true according the story)

  • If I had been on that boat with the waves crashing in and with Jesus sleeping, I would
    probably have:
    - been scared like the disciples
    - not been afraid at all
    - been afraid just a little bit
  • When I saw Jesus sleeping on the boat, I would have:
    - yelled his name and tried to wake him up
    - not been afraid at all because I knew he was with me
    - other: _______
  • When I'm scared or afraid of a storm I:
    - hide under the covers
    - run to a parent
    - nothing- storms don't scare me
  • Of these three things, what would be the scariest to you?
    - a scary haunted house
    - being lost in a strange place
    - being in a lot of pain (like a broken leg or falling off your bike)
    ((Ask the kids what is the scariest thing they've ever experienced)))
  • When I'm scared, I would be most comforted by:
    - My mom or dad holding me
    An object like my blanket, a doll, or curling up in my bed
    Pretending whatever it was that was scaring me wasn't there!
    Other: _______
  • A "storm" in my life right now is:
    - someone who has been making me upset
    - something happening at home that is upsetting me
    - an illness or health problem I'm having or someone I love is having
    - not feeling very happy these days
    - other: _______

(Have the kids stay in the voting groups that they've formed.)

Prayer for Problems.... Go around and ask for a few volunteers to tell what their "storm" is. Make a mental note of those who seem to have a substantial problem. Have everyone write their problem they are "afraid" of on a slip of paper. Seal the slips in an envelope that has a picture of a boat and waves. Offer the content of the envelope to Jesus in a prayer.

Tell the kids you'll give the envelope to the pastor who will read each prayer slip privately and offer a prayer for each. Encourage the kids to talk with the pastor about their problem. Give them his or her phone number.

Now, have the kids stay in the three groups they voted themselves into ...and ask each group to come up with two ways they think Jesus can help them when they are afraid.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection: 

Art Project- "Jesus Jar" on a boat in the water

Using clear plastic jars (about the size of a can of peaches), students will create a "snow-shaker" type project that has a boat with Jesus standing in it. The words "Peace, be still." are printed on the side of the jar.

Fish shaped metallic paper cut-outs and similar objects (from party/craft store) are sprinkled in the water. Jesus figure is cut out of thin colored foam sheets and glued to the top of a piece of styrofoam shaped like a boat. The trick is to get the boat to stay upright when the kids shake the jar creating a "storm" in it.

We experimented and found that a penny makes nice keel ballast. Also, we shaped the styrofoam using regular scissors. Oddly enough, a flat bottom slightly pyramid shaped piece with Jesus glued to the top of the pyramid was the best shape to keep him upright. We used small clear plastic peanut butter jars left over from another project. The lid of the jar was the base of the shaker.

An adult put a bead of hot glue to seal the lid onto the jar (and let it cool). The project was a BIG hit over a wide age group! ...but it took some experimenting. The kids shake hard! make sure the "boat" stays together and remains upright.


End with a prayer.

Photo from this lesson used at State Street United Methodist Church in Bristol, VA

A lesson written by Neil MacQueen

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