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Jesus Calms the Storm - Art Workshop

Summary: Crayon Resist Watercolor Art Students will create a boat and storm artwork by beginning with a crayon drawing that will 'resist' the stormy watercolors.  This workshop will reinforce the characteristics of peace and power that Jesus demonstrated. a

Begin by reading the story of “Jesus Calms the Sea”

4-5 year olds and 6-8 year olds: Pg.  The Big Picture Interactive Storybook Bible p.222

9-11 year olds: Big Picture Interactive Bible; Mark 4:35-41


  • Masking tape
  • Crayons
  • watercolors
  • watercolor paper
  • paintbrushes
  • salt
  • cotton balls
  • art smocks (snaps on the back!)


  1. Start by using crayons to draw the sky line, boat, stars etc. (let kids have freedom in what they draw but encourage an ocean scene like in the story). This is a good time to begin wondering about the power of Jesus.  Conversation starters: Did Jesus look powerful?  Did the disciples know how powerful he was? Was he as powerful as God?  How do we know?  A storm is coming… I wonder if the crayon or the paint will be stronger?  How will we know?
  1. Tape the edges of the paper to the table with masking tape.clb
  2. Paint a layer of water over your entire sheet of watercolor paper. Don't skip this step!!  This will make the watercolors blend and mix really well!

  3. Use a wet paint brush to drop watercolors onto your paper. Blue, turquoise, green, and violet will resemble ocean water and sky. Continue until the paper is completely covered in color. Blend and mix colors. Use the cotton balls to remove the color in places and create unique textures. Sprinkle salt onto the painted paper and watch the interesting effect on the wet paint!aaa

Conversation starters: The storm is getting more intense.  More color, more movement… I wonder if it was difficult to breathe with all that water splashing around?  I wonder how Jesus could sleep through a storm like this! I wonder if the disciples felt sick… The bible says they were so afraid!  I wonder what I would do if I was there?  Look!  I can still see my crayon drawing!  The crazy paint is no match for the crayon...


What an intense storm! But Jesus was there all along... asleep in the back.  Jesus showed power over the storm.  Peace and power. 

Look – the crayon resisted the crazy paint storm this whole time.  I wonder what the disciples thought when everything was suddenly still.  I wonder if they were still afraid?  I wonder if they knew who Jesus REALLY was? I wonder if you have ever been in a storm like this?  

This story is beautiful, isn’t it? 

       5. Make sure that each painting has the child’s name on it (if it's too wet, leave a note next to              the art with the child's name and we can add it later. Leave the art on the tables – DO NOT             MOVE THEM – the paints will drip! The children can take their paintings home the following             Sunday, once they’ve dried.

Sharing and de-briefing time:

Conversation starters: What surprised you about this story?  What was your favorite part?  Jesus has power over the weather... I wonder what else Jesus has control over?

The group can carefully walk around the tables to see all the paintings.  Encourage each child to share their work with the rest of the class.


  • Never mix paint in the paint wells. Teach the children how to properly rinse their brush before picking up any other paint. If necessary, demonstrate this for students.
  • If you have time, please encourage the children to help clean up (dumping dirty water, rinsing brushes, etc.)  The large utility sink in the upstairs men's restroom will be the best sink to use.  If you run out of time, feel free to leave the mess until AFTER worship (teachers please return to tidy the room before you leave church for the morning).
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