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Reply to "ART and COOKING Workshop lessons & ideas for Noah"

"How Great Thou Art" ~ Art Workshop

View and print the attached PDF of the lesson.
Though the lesson's title says it includes "Babel" the lesson itself is just about Noah/Covenant. The lesson was originally part of a set that included some Babel material.


  • Scripture:  Genesis 6-9:1
  • Focus: God's Covenant Promise

 Students make a rainbow "rain stick" to remember God's covenant promise.

Suggested Improvements: This lesson has good "how to" instructions! Cardboard tubes can be purchased online from various craft sources. An option to "rainbow tape" is to "mod-podge" (glue) strips of colorful tissue paper. 

For older children, expand on the idea of "why storms/rain were/are scary to people." In ancient days, people believed storms were sent by God/gods to punish. And indeed, they could be devastating to people who lived in ancient dwellings and couldn't just go to the grocery store when their fields were flooded out or fruit trees were damaged. God's people began to see that "God was not in the storm" (or wind or fire ~1 Kgs 19), and learned to trust that God was good, not vengeful. This is the essence of "covenant" -- God will always be our good father. The rainbow reminds us of all that! ...and not just the story of Noah.  

Interesting Music Option on this truth: Chris Tomlin's amazing song: "(You're a) Good Good Father."

You are welcome to use it in part or entirely. In addition to printing the PDF, you can copy the text from the PDF by dragging it with your mouse and copying/pasting into your own document. You can quickly save the PDF to your computer, then upload the PDF to and convert it to a Word doc for easy editing in Word.


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