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Photos and Notes on Sculpting with Aluminum Foil

from the Writing Team's Ten Commandment's Art Lesson


  • Cut and bend your wire base using pliers. You can wrap the base in foil to hide the wire and make it lay flatter.
  • Folding your thin sheets of foil several times will help make them tear-resistant as you wrap and bend them. You can also lay two flat layers of foil together and "scrunch" them onto and around the wire.
  • Scrunch additional sheets of foil to fill-out the body, legs, arms, and head, then press and crush the foil at various locations to make the figure look anatomically "correct." 
  • Create the legs and body first, then fold a long piece to form the arms and fasten it just below the "head" by either tieing a half-knot with the arm-foil or using a second sheet of foil to scrunch around the length of the arm-foil to fasten it to the body.
  • Apply small personalizing details last to make the sculpture look like you. This can include foil shaped like your hair, or a skirt, a heart, or props.
  • The smaller the piece, the harder it will be to make it stick to the sculpture, so instead of trying to attach a small hairpiece, it's easier to add a loose layer of foil around the entire head and scrunch the top of the foil to make it look like hair. The same is true for the hands. It's easier to shape the ends of the arms into hands than it is to try and add small hand-pieces to the arms.

Supporting Members: See the Writing Team's Ten Commandments Art Lesson for a complete "Foil Sculpture" tutorial.


Images (4)
  • Base-wrap
  • Foil-figure-details
  • Tip-Folding
  • Foil-folding
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