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Reply to "ART or COOKING Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Baby Moses"

Posted By member WendyB


Baby in Tub Art Scene


Summary: create baby in a tub surrounded by grass sea - and watch it grow at home.

In our art room, we made baby Moses in the bulrushes. Margarine tubs filled with potting soil. Use half walnut shells as a basket, little plastic babies for Moses (craft store), and the children cut felt blankets and glued them on. They sprinkled grass seed in the tub around "baby Moses", and watered them. When the grass grew up around, it looked like baby Moses was in the bulrushes. We had kids tell us for weeks after, they were trimming their bulrushes!! (age 3 to 5th grade)


Posted by member Engel 

Baby Moses in River Art Scene

create scene of baby Moses in the river on a Styrofoam Tray

I found this really cool craft idea in the People on the Move VBS from Woodland. Here is my modified version:


  • blue or white styrofoam meat tray (ask your butcher for some)
  • green and/or blue paper
  • small plastic ferns and reedy grassy materials from dollarstore
  • craft moss
  • modeling clay
  • wooden baby doll bead heads (wallmart or dollarstore)
  • bits of material and straw or raffia


  • Give each kid meat tray, this is the base.
    If blue tray have kids cut green paper to resemble river banks and glue on sides of tray.
    If white tray have kids cut curvy strip of water to glue down centre.
  • Then have kids apply moss to sides as they please.
  • Help or have kids punch wee holes in ends of tray and stick plastic reeds, ferns in to stand up. This should look like reedy vegetation in river.
  • Then have kids roll clay into a long wormlike shape and coil to form basket.
  • Stick basket onto tray were the blue is.
  • Stick bits of raffia or straw in and around basket then press baby bead head into basket inner edge.
  • Put material in basket wrapped generously to look like baby body is inside with top coming under head bead. Or just use plastic babies if you can find it or make clay babies.
    Voila! Little Moses in the river.

It sounds really cheesy but it was the favourite craft of the whole VBS I did and I was working with really tough inner city kids. It was awsome! Enjoy!

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