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Baby Moses
Art Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Show several pictures of baskets and then using Bendaroos/Wiki Sticks they will weave a basket.

For: PS, JK, and SK class and Grade 1-3 Class


Scripture Reference:

Exodus 2:1-10.


Key Verse: 

Exodus 2: 3
"When she [Moses' mother] could hide him, she got a papyrus basket for him, and plastered it with bitumen and pitch [tar]; she put the child in it and placed it among the reeds on the bank of the river.” (Spark Bible)


Lesson Objective(s):
In this workshop, the students will focus on the ideas of faith and a caring and protecting God.

Leader Preparation:

  • Divide Bendaroos/Wiki Sticks and spread along tables- each student will only need 10-20 to complete a small basket, but they may use as many as needed to complete a basket to their satisfaction.
  • Read the scripture ahead of time.

Supplies List:

  • Bendaroos sticks.
  • Picture images
  • Wax sticks.




Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.


Open with a prayer.


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Read Story:

PS, JK and SK class- Read the Story from The Children’s Bible, story 45 page 58

Grade 1-3 class- Let groups of students of work together to find Exodus in the bible. Read the story from the Spark Bible Exodus 2:1-10.

Activity 1:
Now for some images to go with the story of baby Moses. These are images of baskets and of portions of the story as portrayed by different artists and artisans to help the students better envision the. These are laminated and should be passes as you are reading and discussing the story.
Images include:

  • 1. Raffaello Sanzio- Painting depicting The Pharaoh’s daughter drawing the baby out of the Nile River
  • 2. William Hogarth- painting depicting Moses adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter
  • 3. Lawrence Alma-Tadema- painting depicting Moses rescued by the Pharaoh’s daughter
  • 4. Marc Chegall- painting depicting Moses drawn from the water
  • 5. Rembrandt- Painting depicting The Pharaoh’s daughter drawing the baby out of the Nile River
  • 6. Unknown Artist- painting depicting Moses drawn from the Nile River
  • 7. Unknown Artist- Victorian era print depicting The Child Moses on the Nile
  • 8. Two images of Baskets
    a. A woven basket
    b. A woven basket covered in pitch approximately 1000 years old from the Nile valley region

Activity 2:Lead students to the tables to “weave” a basket stress the importance that the basket woven for baby Moses had to float. There is no right or wrong- this is their creation.

Tricks I learned making a basket:

  • It will take about 10 minutes.
  • Make sure students use the heat from their hands to make the wax stick- the longer you hold or press on an area the more the wax bonds.
  • Do not try and just coil the sticks- they will not be strong enough- overlap sticks and wrap there around to fill any spaces or gaps- if you want them to float.
  • Use one Wiki stick (of a different colour so it can be easily removed next week) to attached the pre-cut label with the students name to the finished basket.


  • a. The “journal” entry for this unit will be another visual creation. There will be easel with paper and paint set up and paper for glued collage items for students to paint, draw or construct an image of their interpretation of the baby Moses story after creating their basket.
  • b. Send students to wash hands
  • c. Go around the class and have the students retell the story of baby Moses, or you retell the basics to the story.
  • Key words for the students to remember: Egypt, Nile River, Moses, Pharaoh, Exodus

Dear Lord, We are blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for bringing us together and protecting each of us every day. In Your name we pray, Amen.


A lesson by the Education Ministry Team at Glenview Presbyterian Church

Toronto, ON Canada


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