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Hi Barb,

I'm assuming you liked Cat Blue's weaving art lesson above.

Check out these directions I found doing a google search on "How To Weave on a Cardboard Loom" by jessieratfink - Step by Step directions with pictures. 

The size of your loom will depend on how big you want their finished project to be.

What is the warp and weft of fabric?
In weaving cloth, the warp is the set of lengthwise yarns that are held in tension on a frame or loom - what you do first. The yarn that is inserted over-and-under the warp threads is called the weft.
Your project will differ from the instructions I googled as she uses straight wool, while the above project calls for different strips of fabric to be woven through. Cat had pre-done the warp on the looms, the kids added the weft during the lesson.  The material she uses for the weft consists of several different fabrics, representing different aspects of the story:
  • Fabrics: organza, cottons, flannels
  • Fibers: jute, burlap, ribbons
  • Metals--colored wires, metal sheets or strips
  • Beads--those that look stones or wood

In Cat's lesson she introduces the items to weave in started with the following paragraphs:

[As I introduced the different items I told them what I had been thinking of but gave the students permission to attach any meaning or symbolism to each material that they liked.]

For instance, jute and burlap would represent the roughness and hardship of their lives and some of the fibers they would be using at that time. 

Hope this helps!  Please ask if you have any more questions.


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