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Art Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:
Making stepping stones using colored stones that depict the events that shaped Joseph's life.

Memory Verse:
Genesis 41:39 The Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has made all this known to you, there is no one as wise as you."

God is with us in every step of our lives. 

Lesson Objectives:

  • Children will learn the events or stepping-stones that shaped Joseph’s life.
  • Children will learn that God was with Joseph in all the events of his life.
  • Children will learn that God is with them in all the events of their lives.
  • Children will learn that we are let God guide us.

Lesson Preparation:

  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Set of Joseph’s stepping-stones cards (see end of lesson)
  • Ice cream buckets
  • Fine concrete for making stepping-stone
  • Variety of colored glass objects (no sharp edges)
  • Sheet explaining what each color represents
  • Stamp for impressions in stone Heart with cross in center


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introductions:
Welcome class in room and have them find a sit at the tables.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help us to learn about the many stepping-stones in Joseph’ life and remind us that we need to listen to you as we go though life on our stepping-stones. Amen. 

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Read: Pre k – 2nd Grade the story of Joseph’s life in the Children’s Bible.
3rd – 5th Grade Read the cards with the Bible Verses listed on them in order.

Discuss: How Joseph had mamy different Stepping Stones in his life (choices, options, helps) and read each card in order.

Project: “Today we are going to make our own Stepping-Stone with colors like in Joseph’s Coat. Each color represents something: ***

Blue: Peace (Joseph had a PEACEFUL attitude that attracted some to him, and made others jealous)

Green: Faith (Joseph never lost FAITH in God, even though his brothers sold him into slavery)

Red: Love (Joseph LOVED to serve God, and in serving God Joseph was able to love his brothers)

Yellow: Courage (Joseph was successful because his faith gave him COURAGE say what God wanted)
The stone are to placed in a circle. A circle is never ending, like God's Love.

(mixing ratio varies do to type of cement but make stone 1 1/4 inch thick and record recipe for leader) Buckets should be filled with dry cement before class, have child add water and mix. After  mixing well (including scraping the sides) have children do a heart stamp and a cross stamp in the middle of the stepping-stone. Arrange glass beads and decorations on stepping-stones. Remind the children what each color represents.

***Note: This project will have to be picked up by the students, the following week.***

Extensions: Pre – K to 2nd Grade

Play a stepping stone game. 1 set per table. Pass out one deck of stepping-stone cards of Joseph Life (reviewed earlier) to each table. Children work together as a team to put them in the right order. If time allows, have 2 children from each table move to another table and play again.

Stepping Stones in children’s lives:
Discussion you can have during project. What are some of the important events or happenings that have occurred in their lives?
Some things children may mention:
· Birthday
· Being named
· Baptism
· Being given responsibilities at home/school
· Learning a new skill (riding a bike, swinging etc.)
· Starting school
· And so forth

Remind them that God promises to be us with every step we take in life. We can be faithful to God in each step we take by looking to Jesus example (WWJD) and praying for guidance/help so we can become the person God wants us to be. 


Prayer: Heavenly Father, you are so loving and kind. Help us to remember You are with us through the different stepping-stones of our life, even when life is hard You become our stones to guide us. You Rock! In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Stepping Stones in Joseph’s Life: Make a deck of cards from the following.

1.Shepherd: Joseph was a shepherd like his brothers.
2.Coat of Many Colors: Joseph received a very colorful coat which made his brothers mad.
3.Dreams: Joseph had dreams of his family bowing down to him.
4.Slavery: Joseph was sold to a merchant.
5.Egypt: Joseph was sold to an Egyptian.
6.Servant: Joseph worked hard and pleased his master.
7.Jail: Joseph was thrown into jail because the Egyptian's wife lied.
8.Dream Reader: Joseph is called to interprets Pharaoh’s dreams.
9.Ruler of Egypt: Joseph is made 2nd in charge of all of Egypt and saves the land from famine.
10.Brother’s Visit: Joseph is able to forgive his brothers and save his family from starving.

Hope this is found useful.
In God's Service

A lesson written by member Lisa Lehne
New Prague, MN


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