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Reply to "ART Workshop Lessons and Ideas for teaching the Last Supper, Communion, Seder"

Art ideas -- large wall mural a la Da Vinci.

1) Editor's addition:
It has also been suggested that kids "paint" a placemat as a take home, and include themselves and family members at the Table in the painting. Use water color markers and laminate it. See this post for some more details.

2) Editor's addition:
Here the wall mural of the Last Supper, done by the kids at Simcoe St. United Church, Oshawa, ON, Canada copied over from the Workshop Photo's forum here.


How they did it: The kids stood in a line, in profile, in the darkened room and a light was shone on them.  Their profiles where then traced onto the wall and then they filled them in with black chalkboard paint (the kids wrote their names, see base of each character) creating a shadow painting of the Last Supper.

In the Art Workshop they created the goblets and plates which they placed on the table (or in their case the top of cupboard).

Idea: a group art project to display over Easter that does not require painting --Trace the kids profiles on a white paper roll - you've taped to the wall. Then use these as patterns for students to cut out their profile onto (22"x28") sheets of black Poster Board. Have each child write their name on their profile using a silver fine tip marker. Tape the black profiles pieces together.

If you can't hang it above a shelf, as they did, cut and glue a rectangle table top, then have them create goblets, bowls of food, loaf of bread, from paper and glue to paper tabletop. Tape on a wall for display over Easter.

3) Posted by LD McKenzie

Activity: Make your own Leonardo style mural of the Last Supper.

Click here, then scroll down for her Background Notes with links to the painting.

Materials List:

  • one large sheet of mural paper for group painting.
  • or roll of old fax paper cut into long strips for kids to make own smaller murals.
  • paints. Acrylic probably best . Da Vinci's orig mural was done in tempera to give brighter colours.
  • brushes
  • newsprint or plastic tablecloth as drop cloth.
  • soap and water to wash up.


Try to get the Time-Life art book with the section on Da Vinci's Last Supper. It has lots of great pictures (terrific for stimulating kids' imaginations! As well as great info on the medium he chose, about how the mural's position in the refectory where painted produced mirror image effect, sketches for expressions on various disciples' faces, particular attention to Leonardo's genius in how he rendered Judas. Also has samplings of other treatments of last supper.

Ready. Quickly review or recap the story with them before starting activity.

Set. Link or explain your activity to the current story.


>Other neat ideas in this lesson set include: kitchen/make griddle scones (bread); storytelling/guest speaker. For detail click here .

[I will be updating this unit before Easter 08 with more activities to go with a communion unit, for churches that are still in the dark ages about having children take part in communion!

Hmm... Easter has come early and caught me by surprise this year, so I didn't manage to keep my promise above. However it's posted now (032208). Click here for my Communion Rotation.]

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