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ART Workshop Lessons and Ideas for the Beatitudes

Art Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for the Beatitudes

Post your Sunday School ART lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for the Beatitudes.

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Beatitudes - Matthew 5:3–11, Luke 6:20–22. Blessed are the... Happy are the...

Bible lessons and ideas about the Beatitudes -with Art, craft, painting, construction, drawing, etc.

First up... a "Beatitudes Reminder Jar"

A decorated jar with various Beatitude phrases on it, and inside are several slips of paper on which the kids have written "Today I will..." suggestions for following a beatitude that day.

Kids write several key Beatitudes in permanent marker (or with paint markers) on the outside of a large plastic jar (small fishbowl size). Then, they paint a thin coat of Mod Podge (glue) on the INSIDE of the jar and stick torn pieces of tissue paper to the glue and press flat.

Writing the verses FIRST on the outside is needed because once the gluing of the inside starts to happen kids will get glue on the outside of the jar.

After applying the tissue to the inside, give it one more coat on top of the tissue. It will dry clear and shiny.  "Beatitude Reminder" slips will be placed in the jar.

Alternately, you can write keywords from the Beatitudes on the outside of the jar. OR you can type various beatitudes and copy onto paper and cut in strips to modge-podge to inside of the jar BEFORE applying colored tissue to the back of it. Use copier or laser printer, as inkjetted beatitude text will smear when you apply the glue.

Now....while the project is drying... Collect, copy and distribute 7 to 10 slips of paper with "beatitude reminders" on them ("Blessed are the peacemakers...make peace with a classmate today"). Students take home and remove a strip of paper each morning.

If your budget permits, give each student a battery-operated "tea candle" to put inside their jar to illuminate the Beatitudes.

Tip: Use plastic "peanut butter jar-sized" jars. They won't break, are inexpensive in bulk online, and their wide mouth makes it easier to get your hand in to place the tissue paper.

What to put in the jar

While the jar is drying.... have the kids fill out the following slips of paper which will be folded and put in the bowl/jar for them to take home:

Today I will look to show mercy or comfort to....
Today I will be humble about...
Today I will try to make peace with...
Today I will do this to help the poor...
Today...when someone calls me a name or treats me badly I will...

They will take their jar home and each day this week open up and follow a beatitude for that day.

A lesson originally posted by Jan from Napa with additional suggestions from volunteers.


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